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  William B Stoecker

Right the first time ?
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 6-3-2008 | 2 comments
At this point we can accept it as a fact that ufos exist. Understand that the word "unidentified" means what it says; all we know for certain is that something ...

Project Moondust and military abductions
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 5-9-2008 | 4 comments
A few years ago a number of women, most prominently Melinda Leslie and Leah Haley, claimed that they had undergone UFO abduction experiences, told no one, or, a...

ET: No one home ?
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 4-26-2008 | 9 comments
It is almost an article of faith among many ufologists that, of course, the ufos are piloted by beings from distant star systems.Some go further and make sweepi...

Cold fusion
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 4-6-2008 | 4 comments
Unlike other so called "free energy" technologies, cold fusion refuses to die. The elite media have succeeded in burying other promising innovations, but this o...

Project Bluebook
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 3-27-2008 | 0 comments
In the late forties the USAF began Project Sign for ufo investigation, superseded by Project Grudge, and, finally, by Project Bluebook, which was officially end...

You can get here from there
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 3-10-2008 | 0 comments
The reason we call ufos by that name is that they are, indeed, unidentified. It serves no purpose to make grandiose claims about Pleiadean beam ships or Sirian ...

The end times rituals
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 2-24-2008 | 10 comments
The late author James Shelby Downard believed that the Masonic alchemists and occultists who many of us believe are taking over the world have three magical rit...

Marian apparitions and UFOs
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 2-15-2008 | 14 comments
For centuries, thousands of people, mostly Catholics, have reported seeing and even speaking with a being they believe to be the Virgin Mary. Curiously, the bei...

Intelligent design
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 1-17-2008 | 37 comments
Regarding the whole question of evolution, people seem to divide into three camps. Creationists, whether Christian, Jewish, or Moslem, believe that God created ...

The virtual reality universe
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 1-9-2008 | 10 comments
Those of us who are more conspiracy oriented have long believed that the global elites have lied to us about things like the Federal Reserve, the Kennedy assass...

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Displaying results 90 - 100 of 104
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