Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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  William B Stoecker

The long summer
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 2-14-2010 | 0 comments
Today we are bombarded by the government and the media with claims that due to our production of carbon dioxide, the world will soon end. We are led to believe ...

The charmed life of Adolf Hitler
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 2-9-2010 | 21 comments
In one of his quatrains, Nostradamus predicted the rise of a terrible European tyrant and conqueror called “Hister.” Naturally, many have assumed that this refe...

Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 2-3-2010 | 2 comments
Some scientists have a very unscientific habit of proposing theories (or, sometimes, just wild guesses) and then treating them as established facts. For example...

The secret history of fascism
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 1-16-2010 | 25 comments
We are told that there is a political spectrum extending from communism on the left to fascism on the right. Aside from a few brain-dead Marxists, most people u...

The mystery of evil
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 12-23-2009 | 8 comments
For those who believe in the existence of a benevolent Supreme Being, it has always been difficult to understand or explain the existence of evil and of human s...

Three false flags
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 12-12-2009 | 6 comments
Throughout American history there have been strange and terrible events like the explosion of the battleship Maine, the 1929 stock market crash, Pearl Harbor, a...

Beneath our feet
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 11-30-2009 | 2 comments
On many issues people tend to gravitate to the extremes, becoming either knee-jerk debunkers or mindless true believers. Often the truth lies between the extr...

Are reptoids real ?
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 11-6-2009 | 10 comments
Reptoids, or reptilian humanoids, are almost an article of faith among many ufologists and investigators of the paranormal. They are depicted as ranging from sl...

The people of the sea
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 10-25-2009 | 8 comments
Conventional archaeology in recent years is being challenged by new discoveries proving (even to the satisfaction of the academics) that Mankind is far older th...

Planets of the past
Columnist: William B Stoecker | Posted on 10-9-2009 | 3 comments
We are not alone in this Solar System. Aside from possible intelligent species in other solar systems, even in other galaxies, we have company right here...and ...

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Displaying results 50 - 60 of 105
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Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, some people still believe that the Earth is flat.
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