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talking to myself

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Prayer/Mediation/ and the Mind-of-Christ

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Prayer/Mediation/ and the Mind-of-Christ

The distinction is a false one I believe, that prayer and meditation are different or that one is better than the other. Prayer and meditation for a Christian is to be more open to the love of the Father as revealed through Jesus Christ. There is a saying, "Pray the way you can and not how you can’t". People try to force themselves to do something that is not helpful. We are each unique in how we pray. I love the Rosary, pray it slowly and just be present to God when saying it if calm, or the mysteries will be part of that, but all in all it is to be united to God as well as all men and women. The Our Father and the Hail Mary are prayers for 'all', no one is excluded.......well unless we do.  It is the ‘Mind-of-Christ’ we are called to seek, for it is only then when we allow grace to draw us deeper into the Mind-of-Christ that we can understand the Sermon on the Mount and the Sermon on the Plain.  Our minds are filled with doubt, fear, anger, and lust, the desire for love and longing for union.  It is our Union with God that fills our hearts and minds with true wisdom and knowledge.  For God is love.  Often Christians just come across as angry, fearful and condemning. 

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