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  2. my heart knows your lie my desires lie to myself who deceives who then?
  3. I didn't quite make it to the bogs in time, and I cleaned it up using your chihuahua. I'm really sorry, Mork. Mitzy stinks a bit.
  4. well you can tell us of thousands of reason why you can't do it, but you will have to leave with the result down the line. maybe you should not look for excuses, but look for ways. i live in nyc, where land is just as premium as in London, yet we find ways to get our kids ride bikes, play outside, build and fly rc planes, there is a riding academy 10 min from our place. kids love riding horses, we do everything possible so they are not idiots who waste their life on their phone, and social media, i'm sure for someone who is looking for all of these things wil find them either in london, new york, or tokyo. but hey, those are your kids, whatever they become, depends completely on you.
  5. I think he is doing it for attention. So far it have worked perfectly.
  6. Randy vicars
  7. OverSword

    I said the truth is straight ahead so don't burn yourself instead
    Try to learn instead of burn, hear what I say


  9. Well, this is the strange part; that is the most heavily traveled lane in this state, it is the direct path between SFO, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. By going 50 miles to either the east or west, it could have been missed by everyone and there would certainly have been far fewer visual sightings in any case. I would have thought that any secret military test would be conducted someplace where they would have a chance at keeping it concealed.... which would literally be anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest.
  10. That's a shame. It really is. I have one son in the city. I built a shop in his mother's basement so he can do his "Adam Savage" projects and loaded him up with cool pieces of wood. We are both Mountain bikers and I drag him out, but there is a bike park there.
  11. and NO test flights? thats why he is called MAD Mike no doubt
  12. Okay, so lets just keep using the same system in which there is little competition and keep the big rich companies in charge rather than create an environment in which they may have to offer better deals to consumers
  13. There are parks, small ones usually full of people walking dogs etc and no more than a field. No garage that doesn't have a car parked in it (welcome to the UK where land is a preeeemium). No game fields that aren't part of a school or college. My nearest 'large' park is a stately home about 30 mins drive away (no traffic) but they hardly encourage sport or activities there. For many people it just isn't feasible when you live in a city or country that just doesn't have vast swathes of wilderness on your doorstep. Would it be nice if it was different? Yes. Is that going to be a reality for many? No.
  14. just found a pic from his previous try belief in science may have helped
  15. I've always wondered about the implications of 'standing'; does it mean that if a community has prayers in their public schools and no one complains about it, there's nothing the law can do? Actually that seems to be debatable, or at least dependent on where you live: The remedy is easy; don't organize and promote events in govt buildings with govt employees around religious blessings. This event was an hour and a half and the word 'adoption' is not mentioned at least on the fb page for it. I disagree. "Hope you have a great day 8!, is not a 'blessing', it's wishing you well. If they were to advertise a 'Blessing of the Animals' and all that was done is the mayor went around and wished the animals well, I'm feeling pretty secure that most people are going to wonder why this was referred to as a 'blessing', given it's predominate connection to religion and prayers. If they refuse the Satanists then isn't it viewpoint discrimination/favoring one religion over another? Does the shelter want to be forced to allow a 'Damning of the Animals', since there is no difference to the animals themselves what us crazy humans are babbling about, they're in it and are benefiting from the attention? Is the evaluation of what constitutes a 'trifle' done with no regard to the heckler's veto, is it more than a trifle based on how many people make a stink about it? Cool, then I guess the other comments here concerned about legal costs may be misguided. I do and on Constitutional matters, considering how often they are brought up by justices in oral arguments, I'm in good company. Your hypothetical is missing the key constitutional component; where is the religious blessing? What constitutional issue could this run afoul of? There's a purely pragmatic side to this also, and I can't really find anything definitive on what taxpayers rights are with regards to these kind of govt buildings. Can I go demand access to the water department facilities since I'm a taxpayer? The purpose of shelters is not to provide a place where people can go just visit animals, that is instead a tactic used to achieve one of the shelter's actual goals: increased animal adoption. Suppose a neighbor of the shelter likes to visit the animals and comes every day, requiring a staff employee to spend time managing that visitation. Does the shelter ever get to say no? I do like this idea and am all for allocating increased funding for additional staff if needed to support these kind of activities, I personally in a lot of cases have more sympathy for shelter animals than some humans. But most city coffers are not overflowing with extra cash. Do they have to allow the KKK or NAMBLA to organize events at the shelter if they're going to allow blessings? I don't know, but it sure looks messy.
  16. There's no parks? Game fields? You don't have a garage to set up a hobby shop?
  17. I'm with Wolfram. It's a rock.
  18. Only to those who had the money and means to prove in a court of law that they were being deceived. Most of the college kids didn't have the time or money to pursue a court case for the 10$ or so they were being ripped off each month. Multiply that by the hundred of thousands and you can see how the practice would be profitable for a company to do with little risk.
  19. Then lucky for you. Most people these days don't have regular access to horses, a farm or a mill. If I want to take my kid to 'experience nature' and do 'fun outdoors things' then I would need to move far away from here and begin a completely different life. I suppose everyone could move out of the cities, take the land back from the land barons and live happily ever after in the woods but I don't see it happening or being a 'solution' to the modern problem. We understand what is occurring but you can't just blame people for having to live in a modern world. If I tried to go for a walk in the country here I'd likely be shot by an angry farmer for trespassing.
  20. Is it a setup episode and last night’s find is going to lead to something later on or is it an admin episode to explain what is going on with the bureaucracy and why Laird will be present?
  21. I guess another way of looking at this is like this: Suppose the Internet Service Providers were CNN, MSN, NBC, and Fox News. Do you think they would throttle stuff for market share or to further media control?
  22. No there have not been criminal charges but they have been required to refund money when charging people too much. If you think having to take money out of their pockets and refund it isn't punishment to peoples who's careers revolve around a quarterly profit cycle then think again. It's devastating and costs people jobs.
  23. tcgram

    Heading to run errands then the baking for tomorrow begins!  :)  

  24. There were no criminal charges in the past, why would there be criminal charges in the future? Especially if we change to law to give them an arguable loophole. I would be all with you, if what you said was true. But in light of all the unpunished crookedness in the past, why should I make it easier for their lawyers to help them rip me off? After witnessing things like the Wells Fargo stuff, I am extremely skeptical that justice will ever prevail over profit.
  25. This may be true to a certain degree, yet I am skeptical of the absolutist aspect of this. I'd say the majority of our experiences are habitual, and habits don't require conscious direction. Yet not everything is habitual, and therefore again, I'm skeptical that conscious direction plays absolutely no role in our decision making. This is basically just a perpetuation of the same materialist assumption that consciousness is generated by the brain.
  26. "I don't believe in science," he said. "I know about aerodynamics and fluid dynamics and how things move through the air. But that's not science, that's just a formula." It's a good thing science doesn't require belief, I suppose.
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