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  2. I read it was just a bundle of clothes.
  3. Astronomers make the largest map of the Universe yet
  4. I wonder if that second device...that the cops blew up in a controlled explosion, was actually another bomb or just something benign that looked suspicious....Ive had the news on all morning and unless Im mistaken its not been mentioned....however they mentioned it last night, and I posted it on my status update
  5. Alright, I want the names of these demons to know what kind of ideas you've been feeding into your head. Plus I have other reason.
  6. I'm just numb and almost too angry to type. I live around thirty miles outside Manchester. I was in Manchester Arena for a show just a few years back with my dad. I've been there to watch gigs previously. I'm sick of hearing all this b******t about "but we're bombing their children" blah, blah, blah. Targetting a gig full of adolescent girls, some of whom were going to a concert for the first time in their lives, isn't about making some political point. It's about individuals, many who have been raised and educated locally, who've been indoctrinated from birth to put some imaginary being above everything else, including innocent children. Sure, many Muslims find ways to compartmentalize their religion, and lead normal lives, but while Muslim populations continue to grow in Britain and we allow more and more Islamic schools, Mosques, Sharia support groups, etc. to brainwash kids, the worse these problems will get, until violence explodes on our streets. We've already seen riots in areas such Oldham - part of Greater Manchester - in recent years, and a review I read a couple of years back said the tensions basically haven't improved. How do you think tensions will be after this? People are angry, and they are fed up of hearing empty words about "standing united" while lighting yet another set of candles for dead children. I'm sorry. I wish I could light a candle too, and grieve with those who've lost loved ones, but I, like many others, are beginning to give in to hate, and I've never hurt anyone in my life. If someone as easygoing and peaceful as myself can give in to these emotions, then we have some very hard times ahead.
  7. I found it ironic that he protested that there is no evidence of trade between AE and Madagascar while simultaneously trying to support an argument of trade across the Atlantic. But Madagascar is not the only place to find Erythroxylum in Africa. There's even one species named Erythroxylum zambesiacum. Gee, wonder where that one can be found? Harte
  8. Spain-The Guerra de Granada was finally successful in 1492 with the Treaty of Granada handing sovereignty to Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon.
  9. Don't get me wrong it's interesting, but it's only one tooth and half a jaw? How much can they determine from that?
  10. Police Chief on BBC TV news now....says it was a man So do the tabloids
  12. My Personal Ascended Master, Bool Krappi, could fill you in on the distillation of the only distilled product he's interested in discussing - single malt Scotch Whiskey, but he's sleeping one off right now so I better not disturb him. Harte
  13. We do not yet know the motives for the attack-whilst highly reminiscent of other attacks it is by no means conclusive. A woman acting strangely was twice reported to the security detail, and whilst they did observe her for a short period, they completely dismissed the second report. It is now being reported as a male-but I think there is still too much contradictory information for any certainty of this. Just now: the police say they believe they know the identity of the suspect.
  14. France, Battle of Tours.
  15. Banned for not replacing the milk when it was getting low.
  16. Spain IIRC, not France.
  17. I'd be interested to read this research. I'm always fascinated by the wealth of information people stumble across in old libraries, collections and attics. I hope his work is more authoritative than "here's a name that matches so let's shoehorn it into Leonardo's life". But I'm always cautious at the words "most likely".
  18. Is it possible for you to read an entire article, or do you just glance at the first few paragraphs and assume you know everything in the article? The Kava you refer to here is Polynesian and is not involved in any way with this subject. It is mentioned as an example of ancient drug use only, and not in conjunction with any Egyptian findings. Besides, no cocaine was found, as I pointed out. Daughter compounds were found, which could have come from several different species of Erythroxylum. I posted a list of the different species several pages back and told you then that several are found in Africa. I also already told you that no cocaine was found. Of course, you are welcome to continue to believe whatever claptrap that allows you to keep your fantasy afloat. Harte
  19. We are bombing them because of an Islamic attack on 9/11...Islam has been the aggressor since it's inception, the crusades were a reaction to Islamic aggression against the Byzantine Empire and Christian countries around the Med, only in France were Islamic invaders finally turned back.
  20. I have no desire for you to leave-that was not the import of my posts. It is a weakness for all of us by the way.
  21. I will give you a heads up on what might happen next, some Islamic preacher will create a big confusion by saying that the bomber he or she is not Muslim because they went to a music concert which is haram in Islam followed by discussion how music is allowed if it's in praise of Allah and the message of peace is given and how islam valued peace over everything else.
  22. Not posting on that thread. This might seem like the same thread for you, it is not for me. If you notice the context of the mentioning of the elections was among a cluster of posts discussing the motives and tactics of this act. Disruption of elections or an attack on our democracy is one motive. Is that better for you? Another is the summer season and the many summer events is just around the corner.
  23. Niceness is on a scale i.e. relative! You can be seen as being relatively a very nice person i.e. compared to the norm/most people, which is not to say you don't have other emotions e.g. everyone is subject to stress and so do you judge someone on this or their overall character? What I dislike is people who are inauthentic/false/pretentious. For instance, it is one thing for someone to SAY they are a Christian but I prefer to gauge this by how they behave i.e. whether or not they are a practising Christian. A question of walking the talk!
  24. How you keep getting things wrong is beyond me. Nowhere have I said that Bush, or Obama for that matter, are guilty of Treason for simply just meeting with the Saudis. Here is exactly what I said... And I even explained what I meant to you, but yet you still have it WRONG... Show me where I, or "friends" have "slammed" Bush or Obama as "Traitors" for simply meeting the Saudis. If not, quit making things up
  25. b******s. that argument would excuse Stalin because the White Russians were pricks. That argument would excuse Hitler because he was gassed by the British in 1917. that argument would excuse Kim Jong Un because the Americans invaded in the 50s. **** that, the acts of the indivdual are always the choice of the individual.
  26. Thank you for that it, it looked weird Although if they want to monitor extremists they can just turn on Saudi TV and watch their own preachers.
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