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  2. I wonder how long it will take to finish the investigation into the Fitzgerald collision ?
  3. Anyone else getting just a little bit sick of Star Wars? Or is it just me?
  4. many reasons why this memorial is being removed....
  5. I have heard that the new elementary building (which I never went to)* has its washtubs in the hallways so the teachers can make sure their students wash their hands after trips to the bathroom. Considering the recent pinkeye outbreak at the school, I don't think it's working. *My class was the last one to graduate from the old building before it was shut down. What makes me grr is that I woke up too soon (it's 5am here) and now I cannot get back to sleep.
  6. hi namoli, why stone carving should be a work of advanced civilization? people with time and patience and hard rock should be able to do it I guess .
  7. Of course it matters. You clearly have not been watching what has been happening. If this is all a con, what's the end game? How could he have brought these people together? They don't call them never Trumpers for nothing you know. Its hasn't even been a year yet. You are jumping the gun. You are not judging his on his record, especially if "you don't know if he will denounce nazis." Clearly you are notinterested in his record at all. You are interested in whatever parallel world CNN is painting for you.
  8. Interesting......i never mentioned the word nor insinuated means you did read it......and i was only quoting history....
  9. If you had your way, you'd be like old Noah Webster who thought that simplification of spelling didn't go nearly far enough and thought (sorry, 'thot') that 'could', 'should' and 'would' should be spelled cud, shud and wud, etc.
  10. Exactly. It's just speculation right now. As for your link. If you had to go back five years to find that, I'd suggest that it's unusual for young children to be killed for such reasons. In fact, it seems that the mother was the main target and the kids were just there. Regardless. If the perpetrator in the OP turns out to be psychotic, there will still be those insisting it's an honour* killing. * Feel free to remove the 'u'.
  11. Btw, I meant to follow up with this earlier. If by chance these hacking cheats leak the next episode. Simply try using some 'will power' and 'don't' watch. That way, you wont be like a cat on a hot tin roof, by having to keep your thoughts to yourself for 'three whole days' (and then regret it) before others get a chance to watch the show at their own pace and at the normal HBO time. Stay strong EMM ..
  12. Explain this killing in Afghanistan to me and perhaps we can both understand such a motive. This one here may have nothing to do with hono(u)r. It may be just a random act of violence or an act of revenge.
  13. The Norman Invasion was back in 1066, so it's time to move on! Grrr at people who cling to 11th-century Medieval French.
  14. Today
  15. Dany was foolish for taking three dragons anyway. Drogon with her in control, yes. All three, who have proven to be wild from time to time? Conversely, shed be dead if she'd just taken Drogon as the King would have targeted her directly.
  16. If there was conclusive proof cited we wouldn't be having this conversation, would we? Speculation based on the senseless nature of the crime and it's similarity to other such crimes. I could be a one hundred percent wrong as I have already said.
  17. acute



  18. On the subject of the new Führer , I thought this was rather apposite :
  19. Manfred von Dreidecker

    Given the anti-Trump feeding frenzy, we continue to believe that a Swan is on its way bearing Orange. But if that’s not enough to dissuade the dip buyers, perhaps the impending arrival of the Red Swan will at least give them pause.

    1. Manfred von Dreidecker

      Manfred von Dreidecker

      No, not a clue either. I think it's something to do with Finance

    2. acute


      50 minutes ago, Manfred von Dreidecker said:

      Given the anti-Trump feeding frenzy, we continue to believe that a Swan is on its way bearing Orange. But if that’s not enough to dissuade the dip buyers, perhaps the impending arrival of the Red Swan will at least give them pause.

      Finally, someone has said what we were all thinking!

  20. From the pictures, such as this one , that looks very much like the dent the tanker's bulbous bow would make. From the look of it (it doesn't seem to have made an actual hole), they were both going very slowly. Did the destroyer just try to cut across her bow and cut it a little too fine? Were they thinking the tanker was stationary, when she wasn't?
  21. But God told him to invade Iraq. And, for some Americans it seems, there's nothing more sane than that.
  22. I love a good indian takeaway...but the one i use are not muslims. An excellent indian takeaway i used near us at the time,They delivered to us at the marina we were at over christmas and i showed the guy marina with all the lights on top of the boats, he loved it and brought his child and wife to have a look a few days later. He said thankyou for showing him such a magical sight, it was something he will never forget and his little boy was in absolute awe. I did tell him we were not christians, that majority were pagans. He said he will take his child there every year now.
  23. so why the b*****y **** was that not applied to G. W. Bush then? Or was initiating a catastrophe the effects of which are still being felt today not evidence of insanity, but of premeditated evil?
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