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Maximum Size Of File Attachments

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Posted 11 February 2003 - 11:25 AM

                                                Thanks to Al and Bigsteff for bringing this to my attention,

The maximum size for file attachments is 20k, and not 50k as specified by the note next to the attachment browse box. The system will refuse any files larger than 20k, so this is likely the reason why people have been having trouble uploading files.

If you have an image file that is larger than 20k, there are several things you can do to reduce the size, most involving the use of Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop of other similar paint program.

Reduce The Physical Size Of The Image
If you have an image that is ridiculously large, for example 1024x768, then you can reduce it's filesize by a huge amount by reducing the physical size of the image. Very large sized pictures won't fit correctly in a thread post anyway, and will likely cause the page to stretch out to accomodate it. There's no limit on the dimensions of an image, but it's always best to make it as small as you can,  especially if it's a scanned image.

Change the File Type
There are various image file formats, if you image is not a .jpg , then you should consider converting it. A bitmap file for example, .bmp has an extremely large filesize, and can be compressed to a jpg without any noticeable loss of image quality. The same goes for most any other file type. The number one way to reduce the filesize of an image, is to convert it into a jpg.

If you are still having trouble reducing the size of an image, feel free to let me know and I can reduce the image's filesize for you. E-Mail an image you need resized to webmaster@unexplained-mysteries.com and I'll he happy to help.                                                

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