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How God reaches us

Posted by markdohle in talking to myself, 02 June 2015 · 89 views

How God reaches us

Every day I'm trying to be more humble and how do you do that? I guess, every day, we have mass. Every day, I pray the rosary. That's what I do.
Jim Caviezel

The sacraments for many Christians are central to their spiritual life.  This comes about though a slow understanding of the humble ways that God reaches...


Bad Feelings...

Posted by confusedandbewildered in Help?, 02 June 2015 · 65 views

I've always had these bad feelings and they're driving me crazy. Nobody believes that I have them and every time I have them something bad happens.


From: Just Another Khazi Story

Posted by markdohle in markdohle's Blog, 01 June 2015 · 108 views

Another good story by StarMountainKid....worth the read

Well, here’s another story mostly about nothing. Nothing happens in this story. If you read the story and then the Postscript, you’ll know what I’m...


Not Keeping Promises - More Random Rubbish

Posted by StarMountainKid in StarMountainKid's Blog, 01 June 2015 · 62 views

I promise no more depressing stories about apocalypses. I’m finishing the dome story, and I’m telling you, the ending is uplifting, inspiring and will make you feel so good about whatever happens in the conclusion it will make you feel glad you’re alive to have read it.

That other story I’m writing about a robot private detective...


Sleep Paralysis

Posted by Karla Abundiz in Karla Abundiz's Blog, 01 June 2015 · 65 views

I've Experienced Sleep Paralysis 4 Times. But I Remember, A Few Weeks After My Birthday, It Felt Like My Soul Was Away From My Body. I Was Downstairs And My Foster Sister And Foster Mom Were Talking In The Kitchen And I Was Getting A Midnight Snack. When I Was Heading Towards The Stairs, I Remember Thinking "I Gotta Get Back To My Body Before...


Jacques Roulet The Werewolf.

Posted by gatekeeper32 in Abnormal Realms, 30 May 2015 · 86 views
werewolf, monster, legend

In European history, documented cases exist of people convicted for committing murders as a werewolf. In their confessions, many described the source to the transformation as a belt, ointment, a potion or some other magical device when applied. Historical believed that such objects maybe have been either part of the delusion experienced in clinical...


Without Rhyme and Reason

Posted by Beastly Decimal in Towards A Better Life, 28 May 2015 · 112 views

Without Rhyme And Reason

I took up my pen with no particular piece to write in mind, and by design or lucky happenstance I chanced upon another man, like I, with nowhere to go and nothing to do but roam to and fro around the dusty roads, like a chicken, waiting for the gentle hand and freeing knife of death – or another, who knows and feels his pain,...


Love Conquers Bigotry

Posted by White Crane Feather in Seeker's truths, 24 May 2015 · 174 views

My wife an I spent the evening at a wedding. A close work friend of my wife's was getting Married. It was a beautiful ceremony at a winery in the Sierra Nevada foot hills. We were almost late getting stuck in some traffic driving there, but nothing ever starts on time and we made it with minutes to spare. Trust me, you do not want to meet my wife when...


Well now I know

Posted by ShadowSot in ShadowSot's Blog, 24 May 2015 · 180 views
bipolar, weirdo, crazy and 1 more...

So if anyone remembers, I had been having more and more trouble posting. I was getting frustrated at the mildest thing. Topics I usually enjoy
became annoying to read.
And trying to research the claims I'd be responding to was difficult to impossible to do.
I eventually stopped because of this. I had times when I could barely restrain my temper,...


Multimedia Poetry - 'Love's Song' (See You On The Outside) ♥

Posted by _Only in _Only Writing, 23 May 2015 · 150 views

There you are!

Been trying to get ahold of you for awhile now.

You don't really remember me.

Who am I?

I can't tell you in a way you'd understand.

Don't worry about names.


I'm a close...


Fun Things to do on a Date

Posted by tcgram in tcgram's Blog, 22 May 2015 · 122 views

(This may be your last date as...


104 days of summer vacation

Posted by shadowhive in shadowhive's Blog, 22 May 2015 · 150 views

Well my studying's almost ended for a few months, withjust one assignment and one exam to do. Then I've got till october before it starts up again.

That's a lot of time but I'm determined to  be productive. I've a load of games, graphicnovels and books to go through and I intend on doing otherthings too. Namely sort upstairs out a bit,...


It's a long road

Posted by Mikko-kun in Mikko's Corner of...., 15 May 2015 · 200 views
divine, spiritual

How long must one walk for enlightment?

It takes more than a lifetime for most of us. Morihei Ueshiba (the founder of Aikido, way of love, the martial art Steven Seagal practises) had walked pretty dilligently on that path, doing water purification rituals every morning under a cold stream of water, studying religious mysteries and all kinds of martial...


A good friend probably has Hodgkins Lymphoma

Posted by OverSword in OverSword's Blog, 15 May 2015 · 181 views

A very good friend of mine has a tentative early diagnosis of Hodgkins Disease.  It's very treatable but I think he may have let it go longer than is wise.  That's not entirely his fault though.  A few years ago (maybe six years if memory serves) he went to the doctor because of a mass on the right side of his neck.  It's not really noticeable...


4 children like shadow people who move quickly, hiding, but showing themselves long enough to catch my eye

Posted by Riguy35 in Riguy35's Blog, 13 May 2015 · 208 views

Just in the past few years I have realized  I have been privileged in seeing the shadow people but never knowing what they were.  As a child I saw them and nobody believed me and yet they have always been there lurking in the shadows . When I was 18 I was in a horrible car accident where I faced death surviving that I have seen them more f when I was 18 I...



Posted by YoshiYoshi in YoshiYoshi's Blog, 05 May 2015 · 249 views

I think all this technology, lack of families or parents being over bearing and treating their kids like little super employees of a company to groom for some kind of expected fantasy lofe , the quest for more money, belief that everything in life is a competition, has created a brain dead society that does not feel or think for themselves....


My Eyes Look Reptilian No PhotoShop

Posted by Jeanie_Girl1978 in Jeanie_Girl1978's Blog, 17 April 2015 · 422 views
#reptilian #ufo #eyes #glow

My Eyes Look Reptilian No PhotoShop This Has Not Been PhotoShopped


A Typical He Said She Said...

Posted by LimeGelatin in Key of Lime, 08 April 2015 · 308 views

He Said:
Hey baby,
I recently read somewhere that seeing as how there is no guarantee that Social Security will be around when the members of our generation reach the retirement age everyone in our age bracket should be putting fifteen grand a year into their savings account by the time they reach the age of thirty, and it got me to thinking about how even...


Beannie and the Bug

Posted by Taun in Taun's Blog, 19 March 2015 · 386 views
preying mantis

Beannie and the Bug
(A True Story)

In 1973 my (then) wife and I lived just outside of Tokyo, Japan. We had a nice small frame house located in a wooded
corner of a major Army Bases housing area and we loved it.

Sharon (my wife) loved cats. She loved cats more than she loved anything else (me included as it turned out), and it wasn’t long after we...


Conspiracy mongering and 9/11

Posted by rvaun in Various ramblings, 14 March 2015 · 360 views

Burning jet fuel can weaken steel beams, cause fires in other materials, and in time can cause an entire floor of support to give way. Coupled with the initial impact damage, it would eventually cause the floors above to gain momentum + inertia and cause the collapse of an entire building.

I don't see what's so hard to understand here. Everything...

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