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Love, mercy, life and beginning again

Posted by markdohle in talking to myself, 27 April 2016 · 107 views

Love, mercy, life and beginning again

The present moment is an important concept for those on the spiritual path, no matter what tradition is being followed. For it is in the moment that we are in touch with ‘now’ not...


The Dome - Chapter Eight

Posted by StarMountainKid in StarMountainKid's Story Blog, 25 April 2016 · 124 views

The next morning Dirth had a big breakfast spread out for me and Henry. We ate in silence, trying not to seem overwhelmed by the food and our circumstances, Dirth glancing at us occasionally with his narrow smile.

After we’d eaten, Dirth set us down on his couch and started talking. “Have a good breakfast, guys? We stick together and...


Into The Great Cosmic Void - Chapter Nine

Posted by StarMountainKid in StarMountainKid's Zarkor and Zerak Blog, 22 April 2016 · 275 views

Into The Great Cosmic Void - Chapter Nine As Zerak, Zarkor and Cloney watch the View Screen intently at the great blackness of the Cosmic Nothingness of the Void, suddenly the screen turns white. The three, startled, drift back in amazement.

“What’s happening?!” Zarkor exclaims. “Fix the resolution, Zerak! Stupid Computer is messing up again! I’ll have to...


Magic Tree

Posted by myABBAsheart in myABBAsheart's Blog, 22 April 2016 · 264 views

Do you remember my tree? It was strong and steady. It was something I always could count on. It was not so much a secret as it was smack dab in the front yard of my home. However, it was mine and no one could understand or feel it's beauty as much as could. I had other issues that I discussed with this tree. It was a place I was able to let go of my...


Coming out: panromantic/sexual and genderfluid: part 2

Posted by SammyTheHammi in SammyTheHammi's Blog, 20 April 2016 · 317 views
pansexual, panromantic and 2 more...

Coming out: panromantic/sexual and genderfluid: part 2 The things in the picture are the exact same things my mother said. It did not go well at all yesterday, I started with the words "do you remember when you told me if I came home and told you one of these things you would still love me?" She started shaking her head quickly and started saying/yelling "you don't like girls, you don't...


On the Eucharistic Miracle in St. Jack Parish in Legnica

Posted by markdohle in markdohle's Blog, 19 April 2016 · 332 views


On the Eucharistic Miracle in St. Jack Parish in Legnica

Sisters and Brothers in Our Lord Jesus Christ!

As The Bishop of...


why can't we do things that are right?

Posted by Summerin1905 in Liztomania, 19 April 2016 · 269 views

if we really are a christian nation like said by almost everyone why arent we helping the poor as it says in the bible? Respecting people and being caring of others? shouldn't we just do the right thing? i feel that we really are just repeating history at this point. Making a wall just like the Berlin wall during the cold war. Were almost to the point...


Editions and Translations of Biblical, Second Temple, and Rabbinic texts

Posted by Grimmie in Kevin's Fitness, Health, and Life Blog, 19 April 2016 · 269 views
judaism, religion, history

I figured I would do a blog post and a forum post for a resource some might find useful. A former professor of mine, Alex Jassen, has a website in which he has provided texts for anyone to read. This is from his website...


Texts and...


Story excerpt

Posted by AustinHinton in AustinHinton's Blog, 16 April 2016 · 255 views
blog, story

Jane rung the bell on the counter and waited for the teller to arrive. She waited several seconds and rang it again. "I'm comin' I'm a comin'!" She heard a voice from the room on the other side of the counter. Suddenly a python rose up from behind the counter. "Gah! Your... A snake." Jane said in surprise....


Part 6 Therian Gear

Posted by Lunar Wolf in Being a Therian and Daily Life., 14 April 2016 · 296 views
therian, therians, therianlife and 7 more...

Part 6 Therian Gear Ok today I'm explains gear. Not all therians wear gear. Gear is a way for some therians to connect further with their spirits. This can be a tail for a fox, wolf, coyote, longer thinner ones for cats and big cats. Collars are another gear that a lot of therians wear. In the community though it has become a huge battle as some wear it as just fashion...


Time means new interpretations...

Posted by LimeGelatin in Key of Lime, 11 April 2016 · 299 views

A heightened sense of awareness to the nothing new
It brought a gambit of emotions concerning thoughts never before felt
In a world where some things are just tolerated
Such things are never wanted
Often even conspired against for the purpose of deleting
Do those things grow tired of being a burden
Do they know to leave could mean death
What does that do to...


My "Recent" make up!

Posted by Princess Serenity in MoonPrincess' Blog, 11 April 2016 · 343 views

Here's the picture that I promised:

Posted Image

Left to right: Maybelline, Kiko, Etos, Studded Kiss, Wet n' Wild, Bert's Bees, M.A.C., Clinque, Urban Decay, CoverGirl, and Revlon.


Can You Feel The Love That We Share?

Posted by preacherman76 in preacherman76's Blog, 06 April 2016 · 336 views

I'm just gonna jump right in and skip the formalities this time. Today I heard a song on the radio that sparked an incredible memory, and I'd like to share that experience with you now. This was probably around 5 years ago. My life at the time had a lot of spiritual ups and downs. Thinking about it I guess that hasn't changed all that much even...


Lockdown Chapter 17

Posted by Xanthurion2 in Lockdown, 28 March 2016 · 773 views
hospital, story


"Ria! Ria!" I shouted. After waking up and not finding her in the cafeteria, I had looked around for Ria only to find her in her son's room. I said her name a few times and even nudged her shoulder trying to wake her up. When she made no response I began to fear that she too had succumbed to whatever was plaguing the...


Zylotta- Rumma

Posted by AustinHinton in Zylotta, 26 March 2016 · 675 views
zylotta, worldbuilding

I thought I would post this little entry to explain what a Rumma is, considering it is mentioned in the latest chapter.

Rumma are best described as a sort of rabbit-lizard-wallaby hybrid. One to two feet in length discounting their tail, they have long, tube like bodies, legs adapted to leaping and are covered in a thick brown (white in tundra morphs)...


Car Repair - Shop Around

Posted by baronesslucy in baronesslucy's Blog, 26 March 2016 · 726 views
being careful car repair

In mid-December I was on vacation and was driving around St. Augustine when my air conditioner stopped working.  It was an unusually hot day for Florida.  An analysis was done on my car and it was determined that I had no Freon in my air conditioner due to a hole in the condenser,  The estimate of the car repair was about $600.  I went to two other car...


Creepypasta: Mr. Pepper Wants To Play

Posted by gatekeeper32 in Abnormal Realms, 11 March 2016 · 897 views
paranormal, creepypasta, horror

Not too long ago, I met up with my friend David for coffee to touch base as we have not seen each other for some time. Now I know he had interests in computers, movies, video games and anything dealing with the supernatural. I was not surprised to hear that he joined a paranormal group a few years back. David’s role in this investigation team was a...


Unexplained/paranormal stories wanted!

Posted by XHauntedPoetX in XHauntedPoetX's Blog, 10 March 2016 · 975 views
#paranormal #unexplained #tru

I'm looking for anyone who wants to share their true experience of strange unexplained or paranormal happenings. I am hunting around looking for anyone who wants to share them so that I may use their experiences for my next book.


Two Lives

Posted by simplybill in Ordinary Adventures Blog, 08 March 2016 · 1,051 views

I once knew a man who slapped Adolph Hitler.

I met him back in the 1960s, during my high school years, when I stayed a few weekends at the Catholic monastery in Colfax, Iowa, doing chores and spending time with Father Sean and the Brothers.

Brother Stanislaus was old and small and thin, and he was very quiet, almost invisible. He raised pigeons in a large...


Advice for when the CAT team rocks up

Posted by cloudsandrain in Here Be Dragons, 29 February 2016 · 958 views
insane, psych services and 2 more...

Advice for when the CAT team rocks up     WHEN THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU

Remember the first things you say are
1. I have a heart condition and
2. I'm allergic to capsicum spray.
This should prevent them from...

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