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My Christmas Gifts

Posted by Princess Serenity , in life, family 26 December 2011 · 318 views
What I got
My Christmas gifts!

From Dad's House

Pearl earrings (they're real and from Key Jewelers)
Brown boots (with a 4" heel)
Weird Oklahoma
Chapstick (two of them)
Nail filers (two of them)

From Mom's House

Purple sweater
Black and white boots (they can be slippers and boots at...


Brief meeting with Wormy

Posted by Princess Serenity , in nature, dad, family, life 13 November 2011 · 534 views

Dad found this snake in the woods. It’s harmless, felt smooth, small, and just cute! I kinda named him “Wormy.” XD When his tongue wasn’t sticking out, I kinda stuck my tongue out at him to get his tongue out again. He kinda hissed at me. I don’t know. He opened his mouth some. I was holding Wormy...


Bad luck?

Posted by Princess Serenity , in family, life, rant 17 May 2011 · 176 views

Not only was I trying to solve my "Youtube" problem. Today something else decided to throw this my way. I had gotten up from the computer for lunch. I ate two slices of pizza from last night, my computer got to sleep. It was nothing unusual. It just went to sleep when I'm away. And I came back and I move my...


List of Jobs

Posted by Princess Serenity , in dad, family, life, Random 04 May 2011 · 236 views

I decided to share a list that I call "Dad is never allowed to do list."

1): Miner

2): Ice Road Trucker

3): Tree Cutter

I know I have more but those are the top three.


Family matters

Posted by Princess Serenity , in life, family 13 April 2011 · 201 views

Adam [last name withheld] was born April 12, 2011!

Adam is the newest cousin and grandson of the family. His parents are my Uncle Danny and Aunt Marlene.


Our time in the snow

Posted by Princess Serenity , in life, hanging out, family, dad 01 February 2011 · 112 views

Dad and I finally got our time in the snow. Dad and I had a snowball fight (first of many) then I went to make a snowman. Dad gathered some snow a few feet away from me. He used that piece as our snowman's neck. Then he had gotten more snow as its head. Took two pieces of sticks, I got one piece of stick and used it as...


Two dinner quotes!

Posted by Princess Serenity , in Random, life, family 17 November 2010 · 92 views

Dad: "My comment is. . ."

Middle sis: *Burps*

Dad: "That's not my comment."



Stepmom: "Thank you."

Me: *Burps*

Dad: "I swear that I had three sons."



Conditioner rant

Posted by Princess Serenity , in rant, Random, family 13 November 2010 · 178 views
Yes another
I got yelled at for using "too much conditioner" because I told my stepmom that I kinda needed more. So told me that I was supposed to "use very little." I said to her that "very little" isn't always best. (Meaning it's not always a good amount.) She told me that I would have to start...

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