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My little road trip with dad!

Posted by Princess Serenity , in hanging out, dad, Random, life 02 October 2011 · 299 views

After lunch we went on a little road trip in my car. We crossed Route 3 went down the hill and continued on straight. There was a legend about a church at the end of the road. I always wanted to see this "church." On the way down, we saw this nature covered building early on. We saw this abandoned house behind a chainlink fence and I got two shots of it. There was a few houses and on this little hill, there was a faded up, torn up American flag. I thought it was freaky. The road continued for a ways, and a road veered off to the right of us. (I decided to see what is down there next time.) We finally made it to the "church" and legend says that a guy in a truck/van (my says it was a truck and my sisters says it was a van, which I heard) crushed killed some kids in the back. And they are supposedly haunt this church. If it wasn't for the debris in the way, I would have continued. So we turned around after I took some shots.

We passed everything and decided to go right. Dad says that he hasn't been back on that road since HS. I commented sacrasmly: "Look how much it changed!" He laughed. We continued straight and saw there was another road that veered off. The road shortly ended and we turned around and went on that little road. It ended up in a private property and a nature preserve with no trespassing signs. We turned around again, and headed towards Piney Orchind. I went left under this bridge and there was some homes. Again, we turned around and continued on towards Piney Orchind. Then continued on home ending our little road trip. :3



(The debris that kept us from continuing on. But honestly, that road just kept going. And Dad told me that if you followed that road there would was an old wooden bridge (that was destroyed) and you would end up behind Bowie Race Track.)

im loving the church picture. its dark gloominess almost makes it look like you added a grey-scale filter.
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Princess Serenity
Oct 03 2011 04:04 PM

cartoast, on 02 October 2011 - 05:41 PM, said:

im loving the church picture. its dark gloominess almost makes it look like you added a grey-scale filter.

I didn't mean for that picture to come out that way. But I'm glad that you like it.
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