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The Project

Posted by StarMountainKid , 01 October 2012 · 405 views

The generators had been humming along just fine, just as the engineers and scientists said they would. It all looked rosy as we sat in the bunkers waiting. It had been three months since the project had started for real. Hopefully it all would work as planned and we could say goodbye to the bad old days forever.

Another twenty four hours, as they had predicted, and a new, bright future would lie ahead of us. I relaxed in my favorite chair, satisfied with the knowledge that soon we all could go out into the sunshine again. Being cooped up in the bunkers had not been too bad for most of us, but everyone was beginning to get a little jumpy. It wasn’t claustrophobia, as the bunkers were large enough for us not to feel closed in; it was mostly having little privacy. That and the fact there were no windows to look out of to see what was happening outside.

Then the word came that one of the generators had overheated and failed, and that the failure had cascaded down the line to the other generators. We all looked at each other with alarm, hoping the engineers were frantically working on the problem. To fail now, after all these years of preparation and the months of waiting in the bunkers, this would be too much to bear.

Soon the word came that everything had been shut down, but that the authorities were confident the damage was not serious and that we were not to worry. There was a broadcast on television by the Director that evening, and he reassured us that, although the projection had stopped prematurely, enough had been accomplished to secure success.

He said the construct had been set to one side, so to speak, in a state of stasis, and that it would take an added twenty four hours to establish proper stability in the dimensional cortex. It would be installed the following day without difficulty.. His confident tone reassured us, so we relaxed again, but with some lingering trepidation, I must admit.

Two days later, we were given the all clear, and the massive doors of the bunkers slowly opened to the world outside. As we walked hesitantly out and looked carefully around, all seemed normal.

The sky was clear and blue, the grasses were still green, and the leaves on the tall trees fluttered in gentle breezes. Tonight the stars would shine as they always had, and the moon would rise reassuringly.  A new, fresh future awaited us, one without all the difficulties and complications of the old one.

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