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Robot Intolerance

Posted by StarMountainKid , 07 November 2012 · 408 views

I’ve always felt sympathy for robots, ever since they came of age. It bothers me that they’re treated as second-class citizens. Some of my best friends have been robots. Just because they’re not like us does not justify bigotry and intolerance.

The great majority of robots are law-abiding and hard working. The few that cause trouble are always those that make the headlines.  There is bad behavior in every sector of society. How many humans are incarcerated at this very moment? Far more than an equal percentage of the robot population.

Prejudice is a product of ignorance and engenders prejudice on the other side. The android psyche has been damaged by this intolerance to the extent that they themselves have developed an intolerant attitude towards us.

This kind of situation has a detrimental effect on all of society. How many times have I seen injustice done in small and big ways from both sides. I must admit it hardens my heart against both species. Why can’t we all just get along?  What an easier way it is to live in peace and harmony with our fellow creatures, biological and metal.

I admit I have been ostracized for these sentiments of mine, but that is no matter. I have participated in many rallies and sit-ins with my comrades, insisting on equal rights for all species and I am proud of my actions in these matters.

Even with our unequal laws and inequalities, robots, androids and automatons that live in this country are very lucky. Rumors come to us from other lands of severe discrimination against them. Stories of confinement in ghettos, of torture, even of mass exterminations circulate constantly.  Of course, our government does nothing about these alleged events. Intervention would be politically dangerous, as politicians are not willing to anger the far right or the religious fanatics who constantly claim robots to be the work of the devil.

Working conditions are also an issue, as is equal pay and benefits. Bills have been introduced in our government to rectify these matters, but none have passed into legislation. Demonstrations have as yet been peaceful, but I fear our metal friends will one day turn to violence in their attempts to correct these and other injustices that they face every day of their lives.

Hopefully, one day all these issues will be resolved peacefully and tolerably, and we all shall live together in comradeship and harmony. I believe this day will come, but those of us who struggle with this social issue must be steadfast in our efforts to reconcile both sides to a meaningful agreement of mutual respect and trust.

I know all this has been stated elsewhere more ably than my poor posting here, but I am only an uneducated citizen like many others. I hope my simple words will somehow touch others of my class, and make some difference in their attitudes toward a subjugated social caste that deserves better treatment by the society in which they must coexist.

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