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Complaints and Other Stuff

Posted by StarMountainKid , 10 November 2012 · 405 views

There are a few things I want to complain about. I’m not usually a complainer, but some things do annoy me, and I want to vent them now.

The first thing I don’t like is, if you have a ruler in your hand and you pivot it say one inch between your fingers, the far end of the ruler moves maybe three inches.  This is stupid.  When I move something I expect the whole something to move just as far as I want it to move, not farther than I need it to go. This is very annoying.

In the above example, the far end of the ruler should move the same amount as the near end moves. This is common sense and logical. I think something should be done about this anomaly.

I have a firm belief that inanimate objects have minds of their own, and they do things like this just to irritate us. I think if we all would discipline these objects when they misbehave badly we would save ourselves a lot of anxiety and frustration. The world would be a safer place to live in, as well.

The second thing is, people insist that the rim of a wheel turns faster than the hub of a wheel. This is impossible and just wrong.  How can this be? If this were correct, the spokes of the wheel would bend in the direction of rotation, and you’d end up with a corkscrew. Also, if this were true, you could turn the hub of a wheel on a wagon pretty slowly, but the wagon would go really fast. See how stupid this conventional kind of thinking is?

The third thing that annoys me is perspective. I’ve complained about this phenomenon before someplace here, so I won’t go into it in detail now.  I’ll just say that buildings and trees and people don’t get smaller just because they’re far away. If that were the case, I’d be really tiny right now because there are lots of people far away from me, and I always seem to remain the same size as far as I can tell, so all this is not true and I think whatever is perpetuating this delusion should be investigated.

Now about for some other stuff.

I suppose some of you are wondering about the whereabouts of our friends Zarkor and Zerak. Well for one thing,  Zarkor is angry with me about the unfinished episodes of their Adventures here. I’ve tried to explain to him that I can’t think of how they would end. He doesn’t accept this excuse, because he says he lived the ending and so my not being able to think of an ending doesn’t make sense.

He says all I have to do is write it down as he told it to me. This puts me in a befuddlement, or a tight place.  As I’ve said somewhere else before, these two Aliens are real and at the same time are figments of my imagination.  This is obviously a problem for me and for Zarkor and Zerak, as well. I have yet to reconcile this peculiar contradictory situation in my own mind, and I don’t really think there is a solution to it. So, I just try not to think about it very much.

I find not thinking about difficult circumstances is the best remedy for them. If something doesn't exist in one’s mind, it doesn’t exist at all, right? There are lots of things I’m not aware of, so it’s impossible for me to worry about them. This is for me a great Relief. I’ve written about Reliefs before, and I enjoy every one of them that I’ve managed to accumulate.

Lastly, I see that some of you continue to read my old blog entries. That’s very encouraging to me. Not everyone has the courage to delve into musty old archives. It especially takes courage to delve into my musty old archives. After all, it takes quite a bit of courage to delve into my current stuff.

So, I don’t know what kind of people do read my blogs, but I have to admire your determination and fortitude. It can’t be easy for you to slog through all the daft things I write about. (Here I say “daft” because my real self has appeared for an instant, instead of my alter-ego who is actually writing everything else here. This admission may be confusing to some, but as I said before, try not to think about it, and soon any confusion will quickly disappear from your mind.)
One more complaint I’ve just thought of:  The sun appears sort of orange color when we look at it, but in fact the sun must be blue, as the sky is blue. If the sun were a sort of orange color, the sky would be a sort of orange color. I’ll have to ask sepulchrave, our physics expert here, about his strange illusion of ours. It seems to me the answer is either all illusions are real, or all that is real is an illusion. It can’t be both.

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