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The Schmaltzenberger Equation Project

Posted by StarMountainKid , 22 February 2013 · 347 views

I’m not sure this time change that’s going to happen is a good idea. Using the Smaltzenberger Equation  I think has a lot of danger to it. I mean, there are a lot of unknowns, aren’t there? I realize life for everyone is pretty bad right now, but how do they know they can really improve things by going into the past and changing certain events?

I know they’ve studied and studied all this and they say they know exactly what to do, but I’m worried nonetheless. They also say when it happens, we’ll all be in the same old timeline, but the new timeline will occur all around us. So, I guess we’ll still remember all the old bad stuff, but instantly the good stuff will appear, or else we won’t notice the change at all. The scientists have never been clear on this point. I think they really don’t know which will happen.

The thing is, the past is as unpredictable as the future. You can travel back to yesterday and wait for today, but the new today will always be slightly different than the original today. It can’t be helped, even if you do exactly what you did in the original yesterday.

You see, someone else may change their mind and do something different in that yesterday than they did in the original. There’s no guarantee they won’t, so things are bound to change unpredictably.

They’ve tried it. Some scientist wrote down everything he did one day, down to the smallest details, went back one day and followed his notes to perfection. The next day things were still a little different. But, the thing is, they’ve only tried it for one day. I think they’re scared to go back more than one day as an experiment.

It may be a little confusing to you how this works. When you go back a day, nobody else notices you’ve been gone. It all happens seamlessly for those still in the present. Only the time traveler notices any difference when today comes for him. He’ll be standing there and all of a sudden he’ll point out what has changed. Everyone else won’t have noticed anything. It’s just the same day for them.

Now, going back before all the trouble began and changing that is what I think is dangerous. That’s the plan they have. They say when they do it we won’t notice anything has changed; only they will. Like I say, I’m not so sure of this.

We’ll all be standing around in all this mess and then everything will be fine, and we won’t remember the mess, they say. But I think we will. After all, changing the past won’t change our memories of the past, will it? I think we will, as I say, because it’ll be such a big change. They say don’t worry, it’ll be painless. Yeah.

I think this is all too complicated for the scientists to know for sure. What if the change actually screws things up more than it is already? Like I said, the past is unpredictable. Even a slight change unnoticed can balloon into some unpredicted disaster. The butterfly effect.

The scientists say they’ve got this algorithm that will cancel out all chaotic effects. What good is an algorithm when these guys are in their real time rushing about altering physical events? Their answer is, it’s the big picture they’re changing, the big events, and the small details won’t matter. This seems to be at odds with them saying they’ve got the small changes covered. It’s this doubletalk that I don’t like.

They explain this by saying they’ll be there to fine-tune things as time goes on. They’ll be constantly changing details to guide the past into a future that’s just right. They say they’ve practiced in simulators, and they know what to do.

What if they create events that aren’t included in the simulations?

Well, it’s going to happen whether I like it or not. They’re setting off today exactly at noon.  It’s eleven fifty right now, so there’s ten minutes to go. That means that exactly at noon things will change for the rest of us.

I’m going to stop writing now, and continue at noon. I’ll start writing right after this sentence:

Feb 22 2013 05:24 AM
very interesting
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