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strange stuff in the sky

Posted by sickpuppy , 14 August 2012 · 510 views

my dad finally saw something strange with me, we were waiting for a bus. it was mid evening (approx. 7:45 pm)

a blue ball of light, about the same size and intensity as we see stars in the sky, came drifting haphazardly downwards in the sky, like a falling ember might behave, we estimated this to be happening 2 suburbs away, it seemed to be coming in from up high..

it seemed to then descend with purpose..? as though coming in for a steep landing, it then seemed to split into several other pieces, or maybe it just looked that way because of the way it moved? (ie: fast)

from our vantage point, the light ball then moved as if it was on a gigantic invisible roller coaster (a simple loop with raised ends) it repeated this pattern about 6-8 times then was gone.. if you can imagine a roller coaster the size of a whole suburb, that's how the scale was. when it done this move, it didn't crest the mountain range in the background. it was only an afterthought to consider the mountains as a backdrop, because it really, really looked like it was riding a huge invisible roller coaster in the sky??

i did some asking around and found out 2 pieces of info; there is a laser show event scheduled for september in a large suburb exactly in the direction we saw the lights (the lights seemed closer than this venue, though) and this event is apparently only designed to project onto a building.

there is also some astronomy related event scheduled for a nearby university which seems too close (so the event we saw, seems to have happened between these two venues) ..we don't know the specifics of this particular astronomy event at this time.

i'll try to find out if this was some kind of test run for a projector of sorts ..from our vantage point, a laser could have been using the nearby mountains as a backdrop (or projection screen, if you will)

this still does not explain how the light came drifting down from high above..

i got a camera about a month ago... probably kick myself for the next six months for not having it on me at the time of seeing this.. my girlfriend brought me the camera because i'm always seeing weird **** in the sky, at least the dad unit was with me this time, he doesn't really go for this UFO stuff but likes what he saw..

..i don't really know why i posted this here, do people read these things?

apparently after a little online research (it sounds better than saying 'youtube') what dad and i saw was the same as these little balls of light that supposedly make crop circles.. no crops around here that i know of though..

/tears off another sheet of bog roll
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