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christians = conspiracy theorists by default

Posted by sickpuppy , 07 October 2012 · 339 views

when the Godless world system makes its final play only the ones who hold to the idea of a 'God' will be left to challenge it.

by then, most of you will be in-line with the system.. or.. are you going to be protesting and refusing their empire? the only ones decrying the system in those times *must* be conspiracy theorists, right? ...because only a paranoid lunatic whackjob would be against the system by that stage, right?

and we know these paranoid lunatic whackjobs are dangerous to the system, right?
you may have heard them refered to as 'terrorists' in more recent times..
remember, little bush said "you're either with us or with the terrorists", right?

so, all this time, we've had our lives slowly stolen away from us.. by this system.. that the bible warned us against..

none of our laws helped us, did they?

the magna carta, @1200 AD, ...which said usury was a death sentance.
the bill of rights, which said you have the right to succeed or fail
and anything else i've forgotten but you remember

so.. in the end of all this.. when all the laws have been stripped out from under us.. we'll be the ones saying (as we did yesterday, today and will tomorrow) "**** you! we won't cave in to you, who do you think you are? God?!"

..and for anyone around to overhear us as we're being dragged to the chopping block, it might suddenly all start to make sense... but by then it'll be too late.

there is a reason why we're resisting this emerging world system..

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If I've read your entry from the proper perspective your "claim" that Christians are conspiracy theorists by default isn't meant to be taken seriously.

It is being stated more so as a means of letting all those who don't believe in the Bible and / or Christianity know that as events continue to unfold in the manner they currently are (although many are far too unaware as to how the world is currently being shaped) there will eventually come a time when the "non-believers" are left to realize what people have warned of (all us "conspiracy theorists" out there) has come to full fruition.

I tend to agree with you. Actually, from what I know of the Bible (and I admit I need to read / study much more in order to have a better understanding of it) we are told that, more or less, that is the way it will be.

Some people are truly blinded as to how those in "power" are purposely shaping the world in a way that takes away from the common people and will eventually do all but force us to be under their rule.

There will come a time when people are forced to fall in line with everything the government forces upon us. If not, you will be viewed as a "terrorist" or an "evildoer" or whatever negative label they wish to slap upon you for not doing so.

Those who do fall in line with the government's rule will be so well conditioned that they will go on believing those who don't accept certain things truly are the "bad guys" for no other reason than the fact the government is telling them so.

It won't be pretty. But again, the Bible tells us the time will come when these things happen.

There have been people warning of a New World Order for decades (if not centuries) and yet even though politicians have openly expressed their desire to accomplish such a goal there are still those who either laugh at the "conspiracy theorists" who have warned of such things as if it still isn't a real plan of the "elite" or they will acknowledge it is, but are actually willing to accept it and act as if it will be a good thing.

They won't, however, acknowledge that they use to laugh at the mere mention of a "New World Order" as if it was a totally outrageous topic only to now know it is becoming a reality - one that politicians have publically made mention of.

The same can be said for the RFID chipping that is coming about and will eventually be "forced" upon us. People warned of this only to be laughed at by "non-believers" as well, and yet currently it is already being put in place in certain areas. They will continue to do this until people are so conditioned to it that they just shrug their shoulders when they realize everyone in the United States is being tracked by the RFID chip they are forced to carry on their person.

In North Carolina peoples drivers licences have already been getting implanted with the RFID chip. And let's face it, anyone that travels anywhere usually has their drivers license on their person.

These RFID chips are being implemented into use elsewhere as well. It's simply being introduced into things now (the past few years actually) as a means of conditioning everyone to accept it by the time it becomes the norm all throughout the United States.

Having it built into your drivers license (and credit cards, etc) is bad enough, but there will come a time when it's being placed directly into peoples bodies. In fact, that practice is already being carried out as well.

Nonetheless, even though people use to scoff at those who spoke of such things decades ago as if it was pure nonsense, they still won't understand why they should be concerned about the fact it is now a reality.
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wow. so people do read this after all...

thanks so much for taking the time to write all that..

what you've said helps explain where i'm coming from. and thanks a lot for that. it lets me know i'm not alone. i hope other people who read this get something out of it.

i'll respond to this, sure


If I've read your entry from the proper perspective your "claim" that Christians are conspiracy theorists by default isn't meant to be taken seriously.
that's the conclusion i'm hoping the echelon machine artificial brain thing that scans everything will come to ;) ..but like you said, somehow all this was in the bible.. the bible and jesus go together, even with all the schisms in bible based religions, jesus is integral.. i'll be honest with you, how the **** would *i know* jesus even existed? y'know? but i can kind of grasp everything *he* is apparently trying to tell me/us, y'know? ..and the world system is against all that (yeah i'm just repeating myself now, i know, hehe) but it's pretty much all there, i guess that's what we're saying.?. so yeah, no dogma, no damnation from me, i'm not selling anything, only in a veiled way trying to pass on the message to get the hell out, the whole thing's gonna blow.. over and out.. :)
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