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We Should Have

Posted by Dr. D , 11 October 2012 · 333 views

We should have taken that vacation and visited your parents.  But there was work and so little time.  There were deadlines and appointments and a thousand other things I could have postponed . . . . we should have taken that vacation.

We were so close, we should have driven down to Bray and eaten at The Fat Duck.  You had always wanted to and we were so near.  Why didn’t we?  I have long since forgotten the reason if there was one.  But we should have done it.

We should have bought that old 1960 XK 150 Jaguar.  Remember?  The doctor wanted to sell it and you were tugging at my arm, pleading.  “Just to whiz through the mountain roads with my hair flying behind; I want to wear a scarf, too!  C’mon, let’s do it!”  But we didn’t.  I guess I should say I didn’t.  It was frivolous and expensive and now I wish I had done it.

We should have gone back and visited Angelo at Mr. A’s.  We should have anchored somewhere between shore and Catalina and slept in the cradle of the waves.  We should have done that more often.  We should have played more Scrabble, visited more museums and art galleries, bought those season tickets to the Hollywood Bowl concerts and Dodger games.

I can think of nothing we did that I now regret.  All my remorse is found in things undone.  Each wild suggestion was an opportunity and I centered my thoughts upon the practical responses.  There was no time, it was too expensive, it was silly or immature; all excuses of how not to do what I should have known was important.

Now I remember all the silly things.  “I’ll just be a minute in the bathroom, warm my side of the bed, please?  Please?”
And so I learned much too late.
  • Walking hand in hand is much better than any two-car garage
  • Laughter has a far greater value than any luxury
  • A kiss will be remembered long after the doctor prohibits chocolate
  • A moonlight whisper is heard more clearly than heavy metal
  • One touch has a meaning more profound than a million hands in applause
  • A head upon my shoulder lightened all the weights of life
  • Touching toes to be sure you’re there is a communication far superior to internet
  • Putting my hand where you wanted it to be was a language simpler than baby coos
  • Locking our eyes in silence spoke of mysteries not only unsolved but undiscovered
  • Missing you is an exploration known only to me and Dante