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Ruby (my dog)

Posted by Ruby04 , 21 July 2011 · 751 views

Ruby's going to the vet, her leg is still very sore. She's able to walk, but because she yelps when you try to check it and she wimpers a little when she walks she's going to get it checked. She's her happy self, she's eating and drinking. She wanted to go to grandma's (dad's mum's it's kinda like doggy day care) like normal, she went running out to the ute but had to get in the ute not on it. It hurts for her to jump and she won't let us lift her cause it hurts, so she's at grandma's until she goes to the vet later today. The good thing about her being at grandma's is I know she'll be resting just like if she had stayed home.So because she can't jump on her bed or dad's bed or my bed we're taking the cushions from the couch in the computer room and puting them on the floor for her. Hopefuly she sleeps better tonight, she was very restless last night. Poor baby, I hate her being in pain. She's clingly at the moment I can't blame her, I know when I'm in pain I want someone to give me a hug and talk to me.

I know how you feel,  I had a Rottweiler that I loved and anytime she was having problems I would go out of my way to make her comfortable.
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She's feeling alot better she tries to play but we've had to limit how much she can play. So of course she gives me the stink eye on and off. It doesn't help it's icy cold here and she doesn't like to stay in one spot, so everytime dad or I see that she doesn't have one of her two blankets on we put them on her.
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