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From: Prisoners ask good question

Posted by markdohle , 04 May 2016 · 84 views

Thankyou  Mark, I have read much over the years about serial killers, crimes and the psychology behind some crimes. I am interested in your...


From: Pope Francis called for "severe punishment"

Posted by markdohle , 02 May 2016 · 123 views

So the pope calls for punishment  of pedophiles ..I think the church has a serious problem within itself.. I question why nothing  ever changes...


The Best Room

Posted by markdohle , 30 April 2016 · 135 views

This is written by one of our retreatants, a good blog:

Adults need quiet solitude too.  In a world full of raucous noise, endless distraction, mindless entertainment, infinite information, angry...


On the Eucharistic Miracle in St. Jack Parish in Legnica

Posted by markdohle , 19 April 2016 · 372 views


On the Eucharistic Miracle in St. Jack Parish in Legnica

Sisters and Brothers in Our Lord Jesus Christ!

As The Bishop of...


From: Jesus shows us the Father

Posted by markdohle , 02 April 2016 · 588 views

If there ever was a Judas. The earliest Christian writings make no mention Christ's betrayal by one of the Twelve. He makes his first...


The mysteries of (the image of) Guadalupe

Posted by markdohle , 29 February 2016 · 508 views

The mysteries of (the image of) Guadalupe

Incredible it is how many times the Blessed Mother's image as presented at Guadalupe has been perceived on objects and buildings in recent times: windows, trees, even a highway overpass. In the legitimate cases, when it isn't an imaginative reach, what is she trying...


5 Feminist Pioneers Who Were Against Abortion

Posted by markdohle , 12 September 2015 · 902 views

Credited by many as the founder of the woman’s rights movement, and herself the mother of 7 children, Elizabeth Stanton was clear that she considered abortion to be a form of infanticide, and therefore rejected...


If you live my word

Posted by markdohle , 04 August 2015 · 454 views

If you live His word

I believe that there is something to the apparitions at Medjugorje, and the Blessed Mother is being used by God to try to reach us and bring us all into a deep loving relationship with Jesus.   Many non-Catholics go there, as well as others from other religions.  Muslims and Hindus and those who are more...

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