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Oh my... My dreams

Posted by White Crane Feather , 08 October 2012 · 438 views

I have been dreaming all night every night. I remember a of them, I don't have time to write them all down it would take me half the day. I dream about everything. A lot of it is relating to my daily life. Things that I wouldn't normally notice, I am concious of. Example last night one of my dreams was that my battery was out. Today I notice my truck is turning over slower.

Yesterday I had a dream that I got a late notice from the land lord of my building for my business, I checked my auto pay and my rent did not kick out for some reason. I sent it out manually.

I'm not going to  to say I'm having precog dreams but tiny little peices of information are manifesting in my sleep to coherent useful concepts.

But the dreams are so numerouse. I can't possibly keep track of them all. I have had dreams about my wife, my kids, my mother, my clients, my staff and others. When I see them I am having incredible new understandings about them. I'm starting to see into them in ways I never considered.

Side effect, yesterday I was overcome with severe skeepyness. It's like something caught up with me. I slept off and on all day and went to bed early. I feel fine today, but the dreams have not stopped.

People have called me a "dreamer" before, but now I feel like I have earned the title. It's all wide open.

Is this healthy? ......don't know.

Oh my god.

Just ten minutes ago, I ran into a friend that I have lunch with once a week. The dream was about him starting to tremble and whither before my vary eyes.

I ran into him in a gas station. He could barely walk and has a cane. I just saw him last week he was fine. He says he has some sort of muscular disorder... No one knows what yet. I watched him struggle to his car trembling with a cane as if he has had MS or parkensens for years.

Oh my god.... This is surreal... Thanks for listening.

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