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Meeting my native American ancestors

Posted by White Crane Feather , 30 October 2012 · 542 views

Native American Dream

The dream started off with me on a hill. Looking at a building of some sort  under construction. There were two old native american holy men there. Studying the building. 
I understood that they were there to do something. There was a tall pine tree above the site. An eagle was perched at the top. It took to flight but a large feather floated down to me and I caught it. 

One of the holy men approached me. He said it was me that has to go into the cave and speak to the spirits. I followed him into a cave underneath the construction sight. Inside there was some sort of shrine made of feathers, rocks, and bones. I approached the shrine and I started speaking in a native american language. I was speaking to the spirits of the earth to help me with something ... I could barely understand myself.... 

Then one of the bones dropped from the shrine and fell into my hand.

After walking out of the cave I was escorted to a house and a Native American woman came out. The entire scenario was all familiar. I also knew her. She was the receptionist at the native American health clinic when I was a child. I had no health care, but the native American doctors took care of my health and dental needs. She was the person in the office that always greeted us kids. She has a very strong native face with a large smile. 

I said " I know you" she said yes it was her. You have also been here at my house before.  We are walking now. I asked her why she was here and why I am here. She said that it was her job to help me get home. ( I'm not fully lucid at this point) I say good because I don't know where I am at or how i got here. I then asked her if it was really her. She says yes it's me. She told me that she has always been with me and that I always come to her when im lost even as a child. I dont remember this though. You remember it when you need to was her response. ( I'm starting to gain lucidity now ). 

She says she has something to show me. She takes my hand and walks me to the side of the house. There is a large group of Native American children playing. They all stop and start to look at me. They point and giggle and soon loose interest and go back to playing. I asked who are they. She says they are my ancestors. She then walks away. One of the children come up to me. She smiles. She is a beautiful child. She takes my hand and says  come on. We are all here for you... She starts to lead me somewhere, but I wake up.

I can only be awed.

What a wonderful way to receive message from ones who love you.
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