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A message and dreams of Kung fu

Posted by White Crane Feather , 12 December 2012 · 497 views

Last night I had an amazing dream of martial arts training. It had an inception/matrix like twist to it. A teacher of mine from years ago, Sifu Wu, was training me inside of the dream world. We were all sleeping inside of this small room but we were descended into another dream world, where I was constantly being attacked by different things Sifu would throw at me. It was a constant barrage of attack. I was lucid inside of the second dream world, so I could fly, and there were spectacular matrix like battles. I was doing very well, but it was stressful. It felt good to be able to perform some of those Ariel techniques I used to do. My injuries prevent me from doing a lot these days.

It seemed like I was in this training session for hours. The great thing about these dreams, is that it stays with me almost like real training.

After I woke up. I was sitting on my sofa quit amazed at what just happened, then I decided to take a journey. Before starting meditations, I ask for just one line of information on the comeing year.  I start the necessary meditations. Strange I did not need to exit on purpose I felt myself slip out of myself in almost minutes.

I'm standing in my living room. I am marveling at how easy this is getting and at how crystal clear the experience is. I can feel this slight pressure on my back trying to shove me forward. I know this feeling. It usually happens when my physical body is in an awkward position causing discomfort and in this state I interprete it as pressure. I compensate as much as I can. I make my way to my door to go outside. I plunge my hands through the door ( just for fun) then I go through the door rather forcefully just to avoid any problems. I had acknowledged that the door was there, so I might of had a problem. It was a little stiff but I got through. The funny thing is that I though I heard the door rattle a little bit. I look at it for second wondering if I actually made the door rattle. I plunge my hands back and forth to see if I could get it to do it again. It diddnt.

I walk outside and the outdoors is in this strange half light. This is because it's still dark. The clouds have a purplish look to them. There seems to be a vortex forming in them. That's when I hear something like the ringing of an old phone. It rings a couple times, then a female voice like over a loud speaker says:

"Cancel the fuel.....ATV"

That's it. As my mind raced to make sense of it I lost trance and I'm back in the house. I don't know what it means, but my guess it will reveal itself when the time is right.

I went back upstairs and fell asleep for more of my endless dreams.

White Crane Feather
Dec 14 2012 07:20 AM
Check this out..,, this will blow you away.

I have a friend that I have lunch with on Thursdays. I blogged about him while back because he got sick all of a sudden and I had dreamt about it. He pulled through but some sort of virus affected him and it almost killed him. He is recovered now, but for months I thought he was a gonner.


So today I was haveing lunch with him and we were discussing stills, and producing ethanol as a substitute for gasoline. We both have degrees in economics, so our conversations usually turns to our economy particular post fiat currency collapse scenarios .

Within moments we figured the best thing to do was to have a professional still, and a modified ATV to to accept ethanol as fuel.

It did not strike me until walking out the door.

"cancel the fuel....ATV"

I was in shock that I just had that conversation. I guess the idea must have be mulling around in my head.... Or it's something I really need to do.  But there is no mistaking it. I thought those words were cryptic, but now they are clear as day to what they are referring to.

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