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Revelation and Exploring Earth.

Posted by White Crane Feather , 31 December 2012 · 503 views

So last night, I decided to leave this damned iPhone in the bathroom. Every since I got it, it's laying around with me at night, and as my mind starts wondering through things I'll get ideas and it becomes irresistible to research them on the Internet. I have had a iPhone for a few years now. Pretty much ever since I started posting on these forums. My mind works very fast, you might say I have ADD, so by the time I would even start to open my laptop my mind would have moved on. Aditionally on my laptop there is a ton of accounting and business to be done, so i would get distracted and do that instead. I loath accounting, so I avoid my laptop by instinct. The iPhone allows me instant recording of my thoughts or accesses to information, so it's become a bed buddy.

Anyway. I have been working on running my family in the most organic and healthy way possible. I have been doing tons of research on food, sleep, relaxation, nutrition etc etc. Then yesterday morning my seven year old sat in bed between my wife and I and mockingly made this dumb look on his face and started to pretend to type on an iPhone. ( both me and my wife were doing the morning routine of laying in bed engrossed in these little miricle machines --- as I'm doing at this moment---). How funny that a seven year old is makeing fun of us. And rightly so.

I spent the whole day taking care of the kids and thinking about how I'm going to structure the new year. One of my resolutions is to get more sleep and set a better example for my sons on the use of technology ( its also one of the reasons Santa brought them a wii.... If i am going to teach them about moderation, we have to have something to moderate)

Last night I left the iPhone downstairs for the first time in....well... Years actually.

Wow. Sure enough my mind started whirriling about, PVC dome green houses which led to uv ratings of plastic which led to and idea about a large long lasting tomato garden, which led to ideas of building a real wigwam with a small fire place for meditation, which lead I ideas about building a sweat lodge ( or a wigwam sauna)...... On.... and....on. Then I was asleep. If I had my iPhone with me, I would not have been asleep until 2 am. my mind is a gift and a curse. It can cause me to accomplish more things in a week than most people can in years, or it can lead to a myriad of half baked half completed projects. ( just ask my wife).

Mission accomplished.... Right? Well yes, but I woke up in sleep paralysis.

At first I struggled not fully lucid, but my experience soon kicked in. There was no evil presence or sign of my shadow. I kicked its ass a few weeks ago, so it probably won't be back for quit sometime.

The strange thing is that I was stuck for a while. It was the longest episode of sp I had ever had. I kept trying to snap myself out of it, but it wasnt working. I'd either try to move physically or I would shift my conciousness a little bIt and exit from my body while trying to move physically. I know these states well by now, so I was not fooled  as if it were a false awakening, but I would go back in my body and try again. It wasnt really uncomfortable, I was in a problem solving mode, but it was frustrating. Whenever I start to think I'm a master at these altered states, I am thrown a new curveball.

Then it occurred to me, the perhaps I was not in the traditional sp state. Perhaps I was just asleep but aware. I have been here before. I exited from my body to study myself. I hovered over myself investigating how i looked. I looked asleep to me.

Then I went back inside and just existed fully asleep but fully aware. I could listen to my wife breathing and hear the sounds of the night, yet I know that I am asleep. Am I dreaming about sleeping again? What should this be called? ----- lucid sleeping---?

I then decided to explore a bit. I dove my conciousness inside of my own head. I was searching for something. After a while I found it. A spot... A mechanism for wakeing.

I wish I could explain how i did it. If it were a visual representation you might see a brain with a tiny glowing bit for what I found, but it wasn't visual. It was simply experiential. There is no other way to explain it.

I actually studied this place for a few moments. I sort of orbited it investigating. ( again don't confuse this with a visual experience, I'm doing my best to explaine it). Then I activated it.... And poof I was awake. Fully aware I sat up in bed. I told myself ---good job---- and laid back down.

Then I initiated ap vibrations instantly and exited my body and shot up through the ceiling into the air. I spent the rest of the night exploring the earth. I flew through mountains and valleys, and not haveing spent much time in the ocean, I dove into the water and spent a vast amount of time visiting whales. On particular group let me inside of them and access to their memories. ( i think they were greys ) Everything from what it feels like eating plangton to their run ins with various boats. There were several good stories even humerous ones.

I do apologize, when I returned from the journey, my iPhone was downstairs, and i am disciplining myself to leave it alone during the night, so I went back to an eventless sleep. I wanted to record every detail right then, but I would have had to break my self imposed restriction. Unfortunately the details of all this are rapidly fading. I am only retaining pockets.

But knowing what it's like to be a whale, is something that I will never ever forget, and now that I know where the "waking spot" is. I doubt I will ever be stuck again inside of my sleep.

Just another lesson. I wonder what I will learn next?

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