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Three muskateer dream

Posted by White Crane Feather , 28 January 2013 · 817 views


Another cool dream. I was feeling little tired this afternoon, so I took nap upstairs. The dream started of with me being some sort bartender in what seemed like an old French tavern or saloon. At one point I saw myself in the mirror. I had long hair with a long trimmed mustache with brown hair.

Quit suddenly a group of men came into the bar with swords drawn. The whole theme was sort of a Three musketeers scenario. I immediately started go calculate my odds against the men. I had some sort o  military training an  I thought my odds were pretty good if could maintain higher ground. I also had a secret. There was  a very special weapon behind some of the bottles of whisky. A razor sharp flexible sword that was some sort of relic. In fact it was what the men were come for.

They started  to interrogate me while I played dumb. I was waiting for the right moment to retrieve the sword, when I miscalculated how aggressive they will  become. Two men leaped over the bar and on grabbed me and shove me against the shelves with the spirits. I had my hand instinctively protecting my neck and a small dagger penetrated my hand. The were holding me against the shelves intent on killing me. I panicked  for just a second chastising myself for not taking the initiative. That's when A calm cam over me and all my training was accessible. I took my hand an  knocked away the whisky an spirits to reveal the sword. I yelled at them that they could have it. Revealing the sword brought a stop to the action an  an awe in all the men even me. It was a very special relic though I can't recall what for. Taking advantage  of the pause I grabbed the sword and spun the guy on me into the other while slashing his neck. Without hesitating I followed him as a fell into the  other using him as a shield. I dispatch the other as he caught the other. The sword was light an flexible like wielding a large razor blade. ( this actually makes a lot of sense to me, I have competed and teach with the Chinese broad sword which is usually made out of spring steal for safety)

I then leaped onto the bar an engaged the others. A fantastic battle ensued (similar to movies of the three muskateers mixed with Chinese acrobatic kung fun). I was very good.

I woke up when finally defeating their leader in an acrobatic maneuver.

Very cool dream. This one was not a epic as some of the others, but it was worthy of mention. On a side note, I was at a gun and knife show today and there were very interesting sword pieces and bayonets.

White Crane Feather
Jan 28 2013 03:36 AM
ugggggg the kindle fire I  utterly useless for forum postings more errors on than on my phone an  ten times as many bugs. I'll edit the above better when I'm on my laptop.
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