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Let the pull take me.

Posted by White Crane Feather , 24 February 2013 · 477 views

So it was early this morning around 5 am. My oldest fell asleep on the sopha so I was lazy and did not want to carry is big butt up stairs. I woke up about five and had th sensation that was being called out. I briefly heard drums in the hypnagogic places upon waking this is not uncommon for me. After getting a glass of water I returned to the Sopha and meditated to vibrations and exit. I exited by rolling. It was theasiest for the position I was in. I was on the floor after the roll out and I was looking around at the texture of the walls and the texture of the carpet. My vision sort of honed in on the textures like a microscope as I tuned my awareness to them. Then I felt a little off kilter. Something was pulling on me, trying to take me somewhere. I was a little irritated at first, but i let the emotion pass through me and I surrendered to it.  I was floated up through the ceiling to upstairs. I was standing right in front of my mothers room. I passed through the door. She was asleep on her bed, but there was a male entity standing in her room. I maneuvered around to face it, and it was an eyeless virus entity. I was not surprised. My oldest has had a bit of a fevor and my middle one just got over one..... AGAIN. But this one was in my mothers room. She is next. She has emphazima do to a lifetime of smoking, and this particular virus stirred up my five year olds tendency for croup.

While studying it, it open it's mouth to threaten me, but I'm am not phased by these paracites. I reached out with my awareness and crushed it into nothing. I walked over to my mother and held my hands over her and called for the same crushing will to enter her body and seek them out. I stood there for a few moments as the blue current of my hands intermingled with here. I could feel the little viruses like little hot pieces of sand. There were so many, but I think I got them all. I came back to my body unevenful and went back to sleep.

I wonder if it did any good. There is no real way to tell. I'm going to do the same thing for the baby probably tomorrow morning.

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