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It started again

Posted by White Crane Feather , 30 July 2013 · 435 views

uncanny syncronicity
It has all started again. Is early in the morning and energy is pulsing through my body. All things are connecting and converging all of a sudden. It started recently during an OBE when I just sat in the waters of my ocean. I have come to believe that the ocean in these visions represents the great spirit of God. I surrendered to the great spirit and I sat in the ocean and the only explanation is that it surrendered right back. I sat in the water and I cried. I cried at the beauty of it. Intense spiritual beauty. Those are the only words I have for it.

That morning I took a walk in some wetlands by my house. I wondered around all morning then walked to work for my few classes on Saturday mornings. During the walk I found a white crane feather. Years ago I had a dream that a white crane was putting me on a path. I figured at the time that It had something to do with the kung fu that I teach. There is a white crane form. Finding the feather and realizing the intense but calm and experiential relationship I have with my god, I realized that I had achieved any kind of spiritual seeking I have engaged in. The path was complete. What else would a spiritual seeker seek other than simply to be in the presence of the great spirit, and know deep in your core that that is exactly what it is. Then to leave the OBE realizing that this is a continual feeling. Its with me even now.

Since that morning I have received numerous messages and phone calls of people coming to me with amazingly positive messages. Some thank yous, some telling me what's happening with them. Old students from years ago, family members, all sorts of things. Its very strange and sudden.

Also its very strange and doesn't seem positive, but everything I have been neglecting has broken all of a sudden and has forced a clean start. Even the motor on my truck came back as completely shot. (yeah I take very good care of people and horribly neglect things). But its all broken. My entire routine has changed. I cant explain it, but I have no desire to even drive anymore. Me and the kids walk and run to places. I have been jogging to work, and ridding my bike to the grocery store. It is so very liberating. Even my chickens have kicked into high gear producing eggs, my vermiculture seems to have tripled over night and my wild food permaculture plot seems to have started itself.

Synchronicity's have exploded. Everything that I have been seeing seems to be about fate, guiding your own destiny, and spiritual maturity. Strangely the theme of god being a bartender has popped up back to back. I don't watch much television, but last night I watched "The adjustment bureau", then just a few minutes ago I caught the final episode of "quantum leap". Very powerful. For me these are back to back events.

Im also seeing solutions to problems surround me. I start thinking about what I have to take care of. My truck, a leak I have in the attic and the possibility of mold, and my wifes shin splints from running. No kidding back to back commercial's. Local pick n Pull, then a commercial for a sealant for leaks, then a type of laundry bleach, then a commercial for a local specialty athletic shoe store. Back to back. What are the odds of that. It brings tears to my eyes and goose pumps course through me like waves.

Its like the universe has opened up in every way possible. Its indescribable. Even my writing projects are starting to move and make sense. Of course I have like ten of them at one time that never seem to get done, but know I think they will.

Every time I think my quest and endeavors into the metaphysical side of our lives has reached a pinnacle I find that its just the surface of an ocean of potential. Im so very excited about tomorrow. I cant sleep because I wonder what the crazy ass thing will happen next.

I once heard t quote on the movie "Joe v.s the Volcano"

"My father says that almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know. Everybody you see. Everybody you talk to. He says that only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement.'

I have always wondered what that really feels like. I think I know now.

Thank you all for listening.

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