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Last Sunday

Posted by White Crane Feather , 14 August 2013 · 347 views

shamanic experience
I projected from my hammock tent on Sunday. I took a hike into some wetlands and did some reading and resting in my hammock tent. I meditated into projection and encountered a teaching spirit I have not seen in a while.  The blue shaman. She is sort of stocky but still beautiful woman with dark hair and Asian features but she is totally blue. She has tribal piercing a and tattoos. I have always wondered where she came from.. Maybe another time. Something like the mang version of the women on the movie AVATAR. Only her blue is paint... It's not her skin color.

In the past she has shown up to pull me away from astral bumbles. Once she called me a coward about something I was being cowardly about. She doesn't hold any thing  back. Usually her visits are short, but this time she stayed with me at length. She walked me around the wetlands calmly showing me where I am failing but also praising me where I am successful. She instructed me at length on some dietary issues, and insisted that I become a vegan for a month, then after that I have to remain on the diet and only consume animal products that I have raised or hunted myself. She berated me that I was not rising to my potential because I was not disciplined enough. She insisted that I adopt much more discipline in my life and stop making any kind of excuses. She also showed me that the wetlands are dieing because some ground water has been cut off by some retrofitting on a nearby levy. The life in the wetlands needs me to fight this and start raising a commotion about it. Then she said I was a coward again by being afraid of the mara meditation. ( I have learned to put myself into sort of a walking hypnagogic where I am awake and mobile but still in a deep altered state) it was very intense last time I did it and I swore I wouldn't do it again. It is similar to hypnagogic states when people wake up and still see spiders and things in their rooms but I can walk around and maintain it.  My last experience with it is in one of my blogs.

Anyway, after all that when I was back in normal reality I performed the meditation and struggled with it again until I got it under control. It's very much like being in the throws of madness. I held it and continued to hike with it on but under control. I investigated game trails studied the plants, spoke with them, I was guided to a large fig tree where I ate figs, nut grass, sorrels, cat tail stocks. The trees were sparkling and my body was buzzing. Honestly it might as well have been a mind altering drug, but accomplished through pure meditation. I spent the better part of the day like this. Occasionally the animal paranoia would start to kick up, but I would put it down gently. I discovered the ten acre organic farm right next to the wetlands was selling everything that I needed for food. I had always ignored it for some reason, but I discovered I could not speak when  altered when  I bought stuff. I had to break the state to have a conversation, but its not so easy. I couldn't just shake it off. At this time a lady pulled up quit suddenly at the little produce booth. I could read her thoughts. She ment to stir up the dust with a hard approach. She prides herself in making grand entrances to impress people. She got out and pompously apologized for "dusting us out". It was an empty apology I knew it. I was still in transition and the old weathered Asian man at the booth new something was up with me. By this point I had managed to buy a few things but only with a few simple words. I was kneeling down putting the vegetables in my pack and I could still sense her thoughts. She was put out that when she walked up I had not said anything to her when she walked up and apologized. I just looked at her and turned back to what I was doing.

Then after I stood up a large truck zoomed by and startled me. Every since I came out if the wetlands like this technology, cars, fences, and anything man made just looked ugly, dry, and irritating. The truck made me jump. Her thoughts switched to the word "drugs". I don't blame her, I wasn't all there yet. I was coming out of a deep walking trance and interacting with people at the same time. ( don't try it at home kids). Then she thought that she recognized me ( she did, she had been in my martial arts school before ... I know 2/3 of the people in town).... I smiled and nodded then removed myself.

I was back to normal by the time I reached my school just up the road. But I was exhausted. I napped on my crash mat for several hours. I have been haunted by that day ever since. I have been a vegan since Then. I left the white crane feather where I found it. I have been transformed yet again. Either that or im finally loosing it.

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