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my undergoing unnecessary actions

Posted by psychicjlee , 25 October 2013 · 248 views

so here i am a person who constantly undergoes other peoples thoughts of attacks in regards to themselves putting up a barrier of protection as they speak words of negativity and hate thus giving them the understanding in that of which they have spoken comes true and they believe in themselves as they put another human down.
at the sake of the other human...



Posted by psychicjlee , 19 October 2013 · 322 views

where is this girl, tell me your name
where in this live do you think your going
i will be true i will catch you
when you fall and then ill fall down too
but ill be there at your side
like packing guns ill let you shoot me just twice
see im not the best but im that one guy
me and you will accomplish everything
if i could have you under stars
thats us and a...


serpants and demons

Posted by psychicjlee , 14 October 2013 · 160 views

Give me a second to sync with the legends, the trance has me perfect the lesser of lessons to strengthen the core as i mention intentions that of the serpent who lengthens to shed skins, with blinks of an eyelid there's gaps where the light hits, with tricks and...


something rhymes

Posted by psychicjlee , 14 October 2013 · 171 views

apparitions of entities that spectrum through boundaries endearing healing his attitude with caring bestowing him dearly with aptitude incrementing potentials in senses essential to define his perpetual flux propelling him beyond with tremendous ascendancy reasoning bad...


hate unnecasary drama

Posted by psychicjlee , 12 May 2013 · 285 views
rap rhyme poem personal vent
statics spark close to the heart at the brain starts the transmission tearing apart my nerves triggers a bigger reaction of instantaneous damage where i find myself standing reckless heated up and breathless emotions start the acids and adrenaline kicks the habit of following my morals and virtues receiving a vengeance to reconcile make a post and stand it...


my skate

Posted by psychicjlee , 19 March 2013 · 177 views

pick up the slack ,pull up the pants and kick a little harder
keep on track dodging cracks, skip stones, breaking glass hauling ass
kick it by the stairway, sitting on grass ,put you in the past well show you who got class
we control the crowds yo we get street cred we can show you ways
hove the bro spin front foot catch off the roof of the shed over a...


i gotta rap

Posted by psychicjlee , 03 March 2011 · 134 views

here i am all alone
sitting here on my own
with nothing but my mind
im gonna try show you how deep the ocean goes
because i have a power
keep it unknown
for once its masterd i fear that ive grown
but i cant keep it in
i feel combustion is about to explode
corroding the roads that humans walk down blindfold
for me to make decisions on who i should...


judge me not

Posted by psychicjlee , 17 February 2011 · 133 views

if you knew the real me
would you critisize my appearance
with interference with inferior intelect
and intercept whats kept normal
and use your brain in otherways normal
you judge you assume
you think a flowers only pritty when it blooms
but you underestimate the potential i consume
your below understanding
a life full of conspiricies
it just comes to you...

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