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Insects! Gross! A Look at Forensic Entomology

Posted by Hurrikane , 02 February 2011 · 1,889 views
Crime, Murder, Entomology and 3 more...
I have written this in the hope that it sheds a little more interest on Forensic Anthropology and Entomology. I again stress not to take anything written here as complete valid points and stress errors may occur. I am open to suggestions, changes, different interpretations etc. It is my goal to provide the best basic fundamental understanding of the...


Canadian Involvement in 21st Century Wars

Posted by Hurrikane , 28 January 2011 · 1,346 views
Canada, Afghanistan, Iraq and 1 more...
Hello all, welcome to my first Blog Post on UM. For my first blog post, I am concerned about the lack of understanding between the USA and Canada when it comes to the war on terrorism. Here, I present a quick rough paper I have written on the subject. This is the before edited version I am writing for a college 111 class on Canadian Studies.
Feel free to...

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