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You Know Who you are

Posted by Miss Shadows , 17 October 2012 · 664 views

I lay awake at night when you’re nowhere near
And the irony is, you’re practically here.
Endless questions and sleepless dreams
Sew seeds to imagination and surreal seams

Am I to live without your Love?
To hide my heart in vaults too deep?
To keep it somewhere dark and cold
Where warmth and affection could never seep?
Should I hide it somewhere far and safe?
Or play fast and loose
Mix fate with faith?

Between long nights and days
Is there purgatory for Lovers?
Will I forever sleep alone
Or find more than answers beneath these covers?

Ever Learning
Oct 17 2012 12:05 PM
very good, really liked the middle part.
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Knight Of Shadows
Oct 17 2012 01:14 PM
what you say you forget about him and let me buy you dinner instead ? :D
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Biff Wellington
Oct 17 2012 02:37 PM
SS! I had no idea! But alas my heart belongs to another........... ME!
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Oct 19 2012 09:30 AM
The streams of time

There is a lapse in the sense of time
Future, past, present all mixing into a puddle
I stand here knowing not that it is now
or was it then or will it be once i wake
Nuances of lost colorful memories
phase into existence and phase out
and i wonder that have these come to be
or are they just wishful thoughts
With time even feelings merge attraction leads
to love to boredom to anger to sadness
And finally comes liberation or bondage
It all seems like a distorted but continuous
pattern that is as vivid as the rainbow
the eternal stream of sparkling time .

Might be an answer in the above to your malady
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Gavin McClaud
Mar 20 2014 04:45 AM
Mix the two in an irrelevant alchemical attempt to force your string theory. It will work because time exists because we say so
Find me again my dear ;)
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