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My To-Do

Posted by Miss Shadows , 02 January 2013 · 557 views

Because I and my life are works in progress. Enough said.

In the next week...

-Call my sisters and brother
-Talk to at least 5 strangers
-Remember to take deep breaths, and lots of them

In the next year...

-Take some more. Lots more.
-Be a better aunt
-Be a better person
-Laugh like an unashamed idiot
-Finish my SW degree
-Forgive a few
-Talk to my grandma a little more, she'll still listen
-Listen to my brother a little more
-Drink A LOT less
-Refind my spirituality
-Do some missionary work in Central/South America

In the next 5 years...

-Have my credentials to teach abroad and figure out...where the hell do I want to go?
-Figure out where the hell I am
-Keep my temper in better reins
-Learn to write WELL
-Live well
-Gain partial fluency in Arabic or better
-Practice my Spanish

In the next 10 years...

-Get into a domestic partnership (because I'm not the type to wear a ring, and not the type anyone would ask to)

-Teach lots. Learn more. Touch many, many lives. Challenge people and inspire change, so I can leave a better world than the one I came into

-Laugh until I cry

The big 20?

-Adopt a beautiful child or two and raise them hell or high water. Have the wisdom, patience, and vocabulary of foreign profanities to give them the Loving support and resources so that they can be capable and empowered people with a sense of self-value and empathy towards the welfare of others.

-Begin to earn my professorship, so that some day I can comfortably make good money in my old age, and still have hair like Albert Einstein

Jan 02 2013 05:56 PM
Wonderful list.
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Miss Shadows
Jan 02 2013 06:29 PM
Thank you
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Thanks for sharing......and do u really believe hearts r for breaking? i hope not....have a spooktacular day!!!
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