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Murder at the Creek

Posted by Ashotep , 27 July 2011 · 171 views

Here's a story you might find interesting.  This farm I live on has been in my husbands family since 1876.  Sometime around then when they settled on this farm there was a double murder.  It took place down at the creek.  

A man and his son in law went down to the creek while his wife and daughter stayed at the cabin.  They were looking after the cattle or something like that when two men rode up.  They talked to them for a minute then one of them pulled out their gun and killed the older man. They took what money he had.  The son in law jumped on his horse and took off towards a small town about 10 miles away with the outlaws shooting at him.  The outlaws chased him on horseback until they finally got close enough to him they put a bullet in his back and he died.

This really happened and if I knew exactly where I would go down there and take a few pictures to see if anything showed up.  There was also another death down there a few years ago on Christmas Eve night.  A guy shot himself in the head right before he got to the bridge and his truck ran off the highway into the creek.  He had the police after him because he had just shot his girlfriend in the leg with a shotgun, she's all right.  He was always getting into trouble.  I wouldn't want to see his ghost.

There are pictures of this creek on a previous blog post.

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