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The House

Posted by Ashotep , 27 September 2011 · 298 views

This is the first story I have written in a long time.  I am a amateur and no Stephen King but I try.   It has a ghost and murder in it and I hope at least some of you will like it.

The House

                                                          written by Hilander

I'm running around trying to finish getting ready before my longtime boyfriend Mike gets here to pick me up.  We are getting married in the spring and about a month ago we decided to move in together.  We want to see if we can tolerate each other plus his lease is up next month.  Its one thing dating and another waking up next to someone listening to them fart.  Kind of takes the romance out of the air.

We have looked at several houses but most were way too expensive or we didn't like them.  Today we are looking at one that is located on a farm only a few miles from town.  I talked to one of the owners and she said her husbands mother lived there briefly but had died a couple of years ago and they didn't want it to sit empty any longer.
Mike pulled up in front of my mothers house and I was in such a hurry I met him at the front door.  We kissed, then got in his truck talking about how much we were looking forward to seeing this house.  It sounded perfect and the rent wasn't that bad.

We met the owners, Paul and Stacey, at a supermarket in our small town.  They were a older couple with graying hair and a nice disposition.  We talked for a minute before Paul said we should get going before it rains.  We got back in our vehicles and drove down the highway about 3 miles when we came to a gravel road that we turned off on.  We followed them up the long winding road that had trees and underbrush growing along side of it.  I told Mike we would have to repair the pot holes in the road as he hit another one.

After several minutes of bumpy road the house came into view and it was larger than I had imagined and older too.  It was a two story house with a large porch that wrapped around half of the house with steps going up to it on both sides.   The porch had large pillars for support and wood siding on the house, which was in need of paint.  It had several large oak trees in the yard which I liked, love that summer shade.  One of them had an old swing hanging from its branches by chains that had long ago grown into the tree.  The yard was unkept, the grass in places was knee high.

I guess Paul knew what I was thinking.  He looked at me then said "I've been so busy over the summer I haven't kept things up around here like I should."  We told him we understood and not to worry about it.  Paul, now smiling big, invited us to see the inside of the house, then he proceeded up the steps to the front door with Stacey close behind.  Mike and I followed along taking in all the charm of the old place and finding it difficult to follow Paul's words.

The second I walked into that nostalgic old house I felt a shiver go up my spine.  It was early fall and getting rather chilly at night so it didn't surprise me.  Once he turned on the lights lots of cob webs came into view.  My gaze trailed to the large fireplace protruding from the wall then the stairs leading to the upper floor.  There was a few pieces of furniture that was covered up and Paul proceeded to uncover it saying we could use it if we wanted to.  I was really wondering if we should rent the old place it was going to take so much work to clean it up.

I voiced my opinion of this to Mike and Paul overheard me.  He made us an offer we couldn't turn down.  Free rent for three months just to clean the place up.  With out inspecting the rest of the house we looked at each other for approval then Mike said "We want it."

We did the necessary paper work then Paul handed Mike the keys and said "I'm sorry to abandon you with this mess but I really need to get going."  Then he added as he was walking out the door "If you have any questions or need anything you have my number."

After Paul and Stacey left we decided to give the house a closer inspection.  We started with the kitchen flipping on lights as we went.  With the lights on I could see it was as dusty and over run with cob webs as the living room.  It was a modern kitchen with a dishwasher, microwave and such but it also had a old wood burning cook stove.  It was hooked up to a chimney so Mike laughed and said he would cut me some kindling so I could use it.  I told him not in my lifetime.

We then ventured upstairs flipping on lights as we went.  When I came to the top of the stairs I felt a wall of cold air hit me.  It seemed to surround me and chill me to the bone.  Mike noticed and said "I'll call the propane company first thing in the morning, can't have my best girl getting cold."  He was always so thoughtful, I guess that's why I love him so.

We walked down the hallway opening doors to all four bedrooms, just sticking our heads in for a quick look.  There was one bathroom upstairs and it had a large claw foot tub in it with rust stains around the drain and a spider busy constucting a web.  The house had character but I wasn't looking forward to the job ahead of me.

We went back to the larger bedroom and decided it would be the one we used when we heard a thumping noise.  We walked into the hall and followed the sound to the bedroom adjoining the one we intended to use.  Mike opened the window with great difficulty and said it was a loose shutter that he would have to repair.  He also noted it was really getting windy out and he saw lightning off in the distance.  We decided at that time we should go home and come back in the morning to start working.



It stormed all night but the next day brought sunshine and warmer temperatures.  We each took vacation time from our jobs so we would have plenty of time to work on the place.  Mike and I ate breakfast at a local diner then went back out to our first home together.  We unloaded all the cleaning supplies and proceeded to clean the place up.  Mike started in on the living room while I worked in the kitchen.

I was standing in a chair trying to clean the top shelf of the cabinets when I felt like someone was watching me.  I looked around but saw no one there so I forgot about it and went on with cleaning.  Mike did wonders for the living room and den but by the end of the day I had only gotten the kitchen clean enough for use.  The dining room would have to wait for another day.

We worked on that house for a week before it was clean enough to move in.  Several times I would get the feeling of being watched or scrutinized.  I brushed it off thinking it was because I was a little nervous about living with Mike or maybe because the house was old and a little creepy.  I felt when we moved our stuff in and made the place our home this feeling would go away.

The morning we were moving our stuff in the propane man showed up with us a tank.  We took the time to introduce ourselves and he said his name was George.  After talking about the weather for a few minutes George said "I didn't think anyone would want to live here after what happened."

Naturally after he said that I wanted details.  George said "There was a double murder in the house years ago and they never caught the person or person's responsible."   I asked what happened and George said "A young couple had bought the place and just moved in."  "When he never showed up at work someone came out to check on him and found them both dead, badly mutilated."

Even though we both grew up here we had never heard about any murder.  He proceeded to tell us that Paul's mother had to be put in a nursing home after living here for only a few days because she claimed the house was haunted.  I turned towards the house and felt like I was looking at it for the first time.  The feeling of being watched once again washed over me.

After George left we continued with moving in.  By evening we had made several trips after furniture and had all our stuff in the house.  We sat up our bedroom furniture first, which was a good thing because I felt like I was on my last leg.  I only unpacked enough dishes to get by for the evening.

I told Mike I was done for the day so we just had sandwiches for dinner and discussed our plan of action for tomorrow.  In a moment of silence I asked Mike if he ever got the feeling of being watched.  He laughed and said "Don't let your imagination run wild because of what George said" so I dropped the subject.

Mike took a shower down stairs while I ran me a bath in the old claw foot tub upstairs.  I undressed and sunk into the tub feeling the days work wash from me.  I was laying in the tub feeling so relaxed when that feeling of being watched came back.  I opened my eyes and for a split second I thought I saw a figure standing in front of the door.  Nothing you could make out as a man or beast, just a flash but more than enough to make you uneasy.  I thought to myself my imagination is taking over or maybe Paul's mom was right.

When I finished I wrapped a towel around me then made my way to the bedroom.  Mike was already in bed fast asleep.  I knew this because he was snoring very loudly.  I put on my pajamas then turned off the lamp beside the bed. I laid down beside him trying to shut out his snoring with my pillow.  I couldn't though, it was driving me crazy that anyone could snore like that and sleep at the same time.  I poked, pushed and prodded trying to get him to turn over with no avail.

I laid there for a couple of more minutes wishing that sound would stop.  When I had finally had enough I reached over and shoved his mouth shut.  Now that woke him up, he gave me a dirty look and asked what I thought I was doing.  I made a snoring sound that came out more like a pig grunting, grabbed him by the nose in a playful jester, then told him that's what he sounded like.

We were wrestling around in bed each trying to get the better of the other.  We were laughing and he was calling me pig girl when a loud banging started.  It made me jump and quieted down the mood when Mike said with a raised voice "It's that damn shutter again."  As he got out of bed he turned on the table lamp telling me to wait right there and he would be back in a flash.  He walked out the door and out of sight.

A few seconds after he left, the room suddenly felt cold.  I pulled the covers up to my neck trying to feel warmer but the cold feeling persisted.  As I laid there feeling a little anxious, a dark mist appeared out of nowhere.  I could feel the hairs standing up on the back of my neck as I watched this thing float toward me changing shape as it moved.  I was so frightened and mesmerized I couldn't move, all I could do was watch this thing come towards me.  I felt sure if it touched me it would suck the life out of me.

Mike walked back in the room closing the door behind him.  The thing I had been watching suddenly disappeared like it had never been there.  Mike said "Its that same shutter, I will repair it in the morning."  He turned out to light then crawled back into bed and wanted to play but the mood was gone.

I laid there for a minute looking into the darkness then I told him I saw something in the room while he was gone.  He asked me to describe it so I proceeded to do so.  He laughed and told me it was my imagination that I had been listening to too many stories.  He kissed me, turned his back to me then went back to sleep.  At least this time he wasn't snoring.

I laid there thinking about what I saw, knowing that I saw something and it wasn't my imagination.  I still had that feeling that something was lurking in the corner, keeping an eye on us.  The feeling of being watched and something sinister just out of sight, waiting to pounce, made it hard for me to go to sleep.


The next morning I woke up feeling like I hadn't slept at all.  The night before events kept going through my mind but in the light of day I started thinking maybe I was just that tired.  Mike wasn't next to me so I though I had better get up and get started.  There was still a lot to do and I didn't have time to lay here.

I got dressed then walked out into the hall and made my way down the stairs.  I heard noises in the kitchen so I assumed that's where Mike was and went to see what he was up to.  He said he had been up for a couple of hours and decided to finish putting up the dishes we already had and the few things we had purchased.  I told him since he had been working so hard I would make some coffee and cook some breakfast.  Mike kissed me then said "That should be enough time for me to gather up some tools and equipment to fix the shutter."

After Mike left I noticed he had built a fire in the wood cook stove.  The heat from it felt nice but I was using the electric stove.  I decided our first real breakfast in this house was going to be a big one.  I made biscuits, fried bacon, eggs and made some gravy thinking that it contained enough fat to give us both a heart attack.

I got the table set then I went to find Mike.  Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of Mike walking past the door that adjoined the living room.  I called out his name but didn't get a answer.  I walked into the living room expecting to see him but it was empty.  I thought he must of went to the bathroom so I walked over to the closed door and said '"Mike its time to eat."  There was nothing but silence so I opened up the door and started to walk in and it slammed shut in my face knocking me backward and almost loosing my balance.

That made me mad so I said "What the hell are you doing?"  Still no answer, so I opened the door again.  This time it swung back effortlessly and it was empty, I walked in.  I turned around to leave and the door slammed shut again and I couldn't get it open.  I freaked and started yelling for Mike.  I pulled on the door trying to get it open and it wouldn't budge.  Thinking about what I saw in the bedroom the night before I was becoming more frightened by the minute to the point of hysteria.

Then the door started opening and Mike was standing there.  He said he thought he heard me yelling.  I told him yes I was yelling, that I was trapped in the bathroom by some unseen force.  He laughed and laughed then said angrily "This house is old, the doors stick and things are going to go bump in the night.  Does it scare you little miss hottie pants?"  His eyes looked black, like coal and angry as he turned around to leave.  He paused for a second and looked back over his shoulder at me and said "Your not near as hot as you think you are, as a matter of fact, you don't look good at all."  Stunned, I just stood there looking at him, it just wasn't like him to be so cruel.

His words cut deep, I felt so degraded and unloved. I didn't want him eating the breakfast I just made, I didn't want to do anything for him.  With tears in my eyes I followed him back to the kitchen with thoughts racing through my head.  If that was the way he felt, was he cheating or wanting to, did he want out of the upcoming marriage?

With every step to the kitchen the more angry I became.  I wanted to just shove him on the floor, knock him on his butt, but I didn't, what would that prove.  I paused for a minute to gather my thoughts as he went through the kitchen door.  When I entered he had already sat down at the table acting like he said nothing wrong.  I thought, you low life, how could you say something like that to someone your suppose to love.

That's when I couldn't take it no more.  I grabbed the plate of fried egg's and dumped them in his lap.  He jumped up and asked me why I did that.  I then picked up the pan of gravy and slung the contents at him, it splattered all over his shirt.  I told him if he didn't like what he saw then stop coming after it.  He sat back down in his chair looking at me, bewildered.  He said "Honey what is wrong with you, all I did was go out and gather up some tools, then come in and sat down at this table wondering where you were."  "Then you come in here treating me like a dog or worse."

I asked him "Did you not just come in the bathroom and hurl insults at me?"  He looked at me stating he had not been anywhere near the bathroom.  I thought has he developed convenient amnesia or what was I talking to before.  I sat down in the chair and told him the whole story.  He swore up and down he didn't do that.  I then told him about what happened the night before and feeling like someone is watching me.

Then I revealed my deepest darkest fears, I thought there was something wrong with the house, that it may be haunted.  Mike looked at me like I was loosing it and said what I thought he would.  "There aren't any such thing as ghosts, when your dead, your dead."  Then he pointed out to me that I have been working hard and not getting enough sleep.  I knew he wouldn't believe me, it does sound unbelievable.

Mike hugged me, his brown eye's looking warm and soft,  then told me he would never say those things to me, that he loved me.  I told him I loved him, thinking maybe I was loosing it.  He told me I just needed to get more sleep then we parted, him outside repairing the shutter, me cleaning up the mess.

The rest of the day I kept looking over my shoulder just waiting for something to happen.  Nothing did, the rest of the day went without incident.  Mike got the shutter fixed plus a few other things and I finished cleaning up the house.  When we settled in for the night and with the insults fresh in my mind I skipped the sexy lingerie for something more practical.   I was so tired it didn't matter anyway, I went right to sleep.


Over the next several days things were uneventful.  I stopped jumping at the slightest noise even though at times I still had the feeling of being watched.  I had the house in order and thought it was time to have a small party.  None of our friends had been out to see our house yet, even Paul and Stacey hadn't been back.  We were just too busy to invite anyone over, even too busy for each other.

I wanted to have the party this weekend so I sat in the living room on the sofa making out a list of people to invite over.  Then I thought about what type of food to serve and made a list for the grocery store.  Mike came in and I went over the list of people I thought about inviting over.  He added a couple of more names before saying he was going to go upstairs to soak in the tub.

I called everyone and they all accepted my invitation.  My best friend Eve said she would come early to help set everything up.  I thanked her and told her when she got here don't bother knocking to just come on in.  I stated I would probably be in the kitchen and wouldn't hear her anyway.

The next few days passed rather quickly and nothing out of the ordinary happened.  The morning of the party when I woke up I felt happy and content.  I leaned over and kissed Mike's face until he woke up.  He opened his eyes, smiled at me then kissed me passionately.  I told him we didn't have time for anything this morning and a look of disappointment came across his face.  He accepted it though then we drug ourselves out of bed.

Mike got ready before me and I asked him if he would build a fire in the fireplace.  It had been getting much cooler out and I thought a fire was make the house much warmer and friendlier.  He said he would as he was walking out the door.

I took time to make up the bed and tidy the room up in general before I put on a pair of jeans and sweat shirt.  I took one last look in the closet to make sure I knew what I wanted to wear.  I was looking intently at my cloths when I felt a hand on my shoulder.  With out looking I told Mike I would be right down to see about breakfast.  I got no answer so I turned around and all I saw was an empty room.

I thought, oh my God, not today of all days.  I reasoned that the closet was crowded and anything could of been on my shoulder, I'm just over reacting.  Slightly shaking I looked back in the closet to see what it could of been.  I couldn't come up with a reasonable culprit........I became very afraid.

I left the room still telling myself it was nothing, nothing to worry about.  I knew it would do no good to tell Mike, he wouldn't believe me, so I decided not to bring it up.  As I was walking down the stairs I felt to warmth of the fire coming up to greet me but I didn't see Mike.  When I got to the fireplace I paused to relieve the chill that seemed to be coming over me.

I was looking into the flames deep in thought about what had happen, the party, would anything else happen.  I started to notice that some of the flames looked like they had eye's.  Deep black, menacing eye's, looking at me, directly at me and they seemed to move when I did.  I couldn't stop looking at them, it was like they held me there.

I came out of my trance and walked away quickly, scared and feeling lonely, all alone in dealing with this ghost, demon......or maybe just loosing my mind.  I was strongly questioning my own sanity. I entered the kitchen and took a deep breath resolving to keep my mind on getting things set up for my guests.  I had food to make, I didn't have time to loose my mind.

I felt the heat coming off of the wood cook stove.  I was glad Mike built a fire in it this morning to take the chill off of the kitchen.  I heated a skillet up on the electric stove then went to refrigerator to take out some bacon.  In no time I had the air in the kitchen smelling of fried smoked bacon.  I proceeded with the other duties of a big breakfast.

I put the dishes out on the table getting ready to call Mike to breakfast when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  I looked toward the wood cook stove and there was a black mist rising from it.  It came towards me changing shape as it moved and I felt terror well up in me.  I couldn't move, it was like an unseen force held me there.  It came right up to me then it suddenly disappeared.

I was standing there still in shock, heart racing, when Mike walked through the door.  As he came closer I could see his eyes were black as coal and angry.  I knew it wasn't Mike, it was that thing.  I grabbed a knife off the counter then held it up in a threatening manner.  I screamed at it "I don't know what you are but I want you out of my house."

He looked at me and laughed then said "You'll never get rid of me woman."  He walked quickly towards me in a threatening manner and I slashed at him with the knife several times.  I just kept doing it until he fell at my feet in the floor.

I looked down at him crying, I had just killed the man I love.  I threw the knife down and fell down on Mike's lifeless body, sobbing, saying I'm sorry.... I'm so sorry......how could I do this.....oh God please help me.

Between sobs I heard a growling sound coming from Mikes chest.  It got louder until it seemed to fill the room, coming from every direction.  I stood up terrified, wanting to flee but I couldn't seem to move.  A black mist came out of nowhere then started moving towards me, taunting me.  As it moved from one side of me to the other teasing me I could see those same black demonic eyes looking at me.  It then engulfed my entire body.......I felt like it was sucking the life out of me......then pain, searing pain.


Eve arrived early to help with the party as she promised.  She walked up to the house, didn't bother to knock.  She called out for Mike and Tonya but received no answer.  She could smell bacon so she made her way towards the kitchen.  She called out Tonya's name once more before she walked through the door.  The smile on her face turned to a look of horror at the sight of Mike and Tonya's lifeless mutilated bodies laying on the floor.   

This is good,reminds me of the English novels of the early twentieth century.:)
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I liked it. Pretty suspenseful and scary to boot.
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Great story! Loved it :)
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Good story. I liked it. very entertaining and eventful. thanks for the good read.
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