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Posted by Xanthurion2 , 25 July 2012 · 866 views

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So...I have started writing my story. The problem is, I can't write unless I am alone and I'm not alone very often in a house with nine people. I will be uploading it probably in a blog unless someone has a better idea. I will post it in chapters. So whenever I write a chapter, you will get to read it (if you wish to do so). Right now, I am about halfway into the first chapter. Also, I have not made an outline for the story because I have no idea what is going to happen, so if anybody catches any plot holes I will probably make, please tell me. Your criticism is welcome but I will not tolerate blatant insults. Unless written in a comedic fashion. Thank you and I will try to write more as soon as I can. Hope you enjoy.

Ever Learning
Jul 25 2012 09:13 AM
What kind of story is it?
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Jul 26 2012 02:17 AM

Ever Learning, on 25 July 2012 - 09:13 AM, said:

What kind of story is it?
it's a horror story about a hospital. actually, it's more like a suspense/thriller kind of story
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