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A Night (or 3) With Insomnia

Posted by magnoliaReverie , 30 July 2012 · 770 views
insomnia, sleep and 2 more...
Since I have insomnia, and absolutely nothing better to do, I feel like maybe going on with a dusk till dawn sort of..play by play if you will..so, here we go.

Everyone is going to sleep, one by one.  You pace around the house. Pick up this, wash that..pet the cat.  Put on some music, turn the volume up. Decide headphones might be better since there are...


Dream Entry: Perfect Loving Energy

Posted by magnoliaReverie , 06 June 2012 · 569 views

I met the most beautiful, loving, happiest little kids in my dream last night.
I dreamed of heading to some kind of store last night. It was night in the dream, and I was walking across the parking lot towards this store.

A man walked past me (he seemed a little annoyed at something, like he was looking for something and couldn't find it) followed by...


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