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Small Government

Posted by CommunitarianKevin , in A Real Discussion 09 September 2012 · 619 views

small government articles of condederation constitution
So I constantly hear that the United States was founded on a small federal government. I guess this may be true in the sense that our first form of government was the Articles of Confederation. The Articles stressed state power as opposed to a strong federal government. This all went to crap after Shay’s Rebellion, which was what showed us that a weak federal government is powerless. Not only was the federal government able to defend the states but under the Articles international trade was extremely difficult because there was no standard currency and each stated acted as a separate nation. This form of government proved to be extremely ineffective. Because of this the Articles of Confederation were scrapped for the Constitution, which laid the foundation for a strong federal government.

So my question is the claim made that we were founded on small government? The conclusion I come to is because the Articles were all about small government. But they proved to be ineffective…So why is this idea maintained? It appears to me that Republicans are trying to maintain ineffective ideas or are ignorant of U.S. history. Am I missing something?

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