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Dreams and Journeys


Finally: Astral Projection

Posted by hybrid33 , 08 December 2012 · 1,291 views
astral projection, lucid dreaming and 1 more...
I only recently learned that when I wake up in my dream and actually realise I'm dreaming and start to control it, that's Lucid Dreaming. (I think?)

But when I start manifesting that same power that I do in my lucid dreaming state to control my actions and such and start willing myself and project myself to other locations, then that is Astral...


Space Exploitation: Our sad humanity

Posted by hybrid33 , 21 April 2012 · 1,445 views
zombies, humanity, space
Sorry, this post is going to be a bit weird. I've been slowly waking up, and I'm trying to reconcile and re-assess almost every aspect of my life (and life). Phew, it's so exhausting. I wonder if I'm going nuts! :w00t:

Everything just seems wrong. Everything seems really, really wrong. Our world is so messed up. It's doing my...


Life's Purpose

Posted by hybrid33 , 17 April 2012 · 1,086 views
YouTube, Affirmations
One thing that has troubled me for so long is my life's purpose. I never knew if I was on the right path or if I was doing what I really should be doing. I watched the below video from Doreen Virtue quite a while ago, but when watching it again tonight, it became really clear. I'm still on my little quest, but I thought I would share it, because...


I don't know if I'm astral projecting or if I'm just dreaming now

Posted by hybrid33 , 14 April 2012 · 2,209 views
Dave the peacock, childhood home and 2 more...
Haven't been able to project since my last entry. I've been so tired falling past aelterd state and sometimes it just wouldn't work at all.

Just came back from a trip. It's 4:30 AM. It was so strange.

First projection
It felt like it took hours to make an exit. I'm in my room and I want to get outside quickly. I see Hugo waiting, I put...


Learning to Fly

Posted by hybrid33 , 02 April 2012 · 1,033 views
astral projection, flying
This post was written at about 3AM this morning, when I came back:

Well I just came back from another small journey! It was more like a small trip. All day today I had it in my head that I was going to project. The loud sound in my head during vibrations seem to get less loud these days. I wonder if anyone else experiences this.

As soon as vibrations...


Confronting myself

Posted by hybrid33 , 01 April 2012 · 640 views
Astral projecting, anxiety and 1 more...
I'm just getting over one of the worst flu's I've ever had. I've been so exhausted to try to AP. I would just fall direct into deep sleep. The other night, I really wanted to travel.

I looked up some binaural beats, as I heard that helps. I switched it on and whoa - they sound so much like the sounds I hear as my vibrations typically...


The Butterfly

Posted by hybrid33 , 26 March 2012 · 511 views
Adversity, struggle, growth
A man found a butterfly cocoon. He watched his cocoon for several days. One day a tiny opening appeared in the cocoon. He sat very still and watched as the butterfly struggled for several hours to force itself through the tiny hole of itís cocoon. Then it seemed to stop making progress. It appeared to the man as if the butterfly had gone as far as it could,...


Death to Wealth

Posted by hybrid33 , 25 March 2012 · 739 views
Dreams, Death, Renewal
I made the decision to do my best to detach from material things. I wouldn't say I'm materialistic, but I love nice things - however, it may be what's made me depressed, because it's just never enough. That among other things... maybe is what brought this dream on:

I had a dream I was a wealthy man (much different from the modest life I...


Getting comfortable

Posted by hybrid33 , 24 March 2012 · 504 views
Astral Projection, AP
Tonight I had a really good AP! I find that when I start to project, the process is somewhat different from what I understood, and goes a little something like this:

1. A pre-sleep during the day really helps
2. At night, I lay down and meditate for about 15 or 20 minutes
3. After these †15 minutes, I'm almost falling asleep, and then am awakened...


An introduction to this blog

Posted by hybrid33 , 22 March 2012 · 242 views

For years I have had a combination of sleep paralysis and sleep apnea. The first time I had sleep paralysis that I can remember was about the age of 17. †I'm not sure what could have triggered it then or even if it had happened before then.

Sleep paralysis has always scared me. All I could remember is waking up, paralyzed, unable to move at all and...

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