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Getting comfortable

Posted by hybrid33 , 24 March 2012 · 450 views

Astral Projection AP
Tonight I had a really good AP! I find that when I start to project, the process is somewhat different from what I understood, and goes a little something like this:

1. A pre-sleep during the day really helps
2. At night, I lay down and meditate for about 15 or 20 minutes
3. After these  15 minutes, I'm almost falling asleep, and then am awakened suddenly by the vibrations and that's when I make my exit.
4. The exit that is easiest for me by simply rolling to my right as if I'm rolling off of my bed.

I wasn't even sure if would be able to travel last night because I had about 4 glasses of champagne at dinner.  (I love bubbles!) It was actually a bit more difficult than it has been previously, but could have been in my head.

first exit:
Instead of rolling, I actually sat up. But could not get all the way out. I had to roll. I stood next to my bed and my physical body had an itch on my foot and this caused me to wake up to scratch it. Argh!

Second exit:
As soon as I left my body,  I floated to the usual spot in my room. I could not stand straight, I was very unbalanced - and of course I felt light as dust. I said out loud "I can stand straight, I can walk straight" it worked. I turned around to look at my body - and there it was! I'm still not used to it - it's such a bodacious experience to just see myself... lying there... sleeping.

I made an attempt to walk through my wall. I repeated to myself: I'm going to walk through this wall. I just walked right into it like it was rubber and all I could see was white. The next thing I know, I just bounce off of it like a dork! That didn't really work..

I turned and went for my door instead, and as I opened the door, who do I see waiting at the foot of the door - Hugo! Wagging his tail, ready for an adventure. It's my house this time. We walk out the apartment. As we come towards the stairwell,  we passed my neighbors apartment, whose door is open. Hugo tries to pull me in there but I pull him back out. This is a common game that we play in real-life when I'm walking him. I wonder if when I'm projecting I should just follow him. Perhaps next time. That apartment today though it's a bit dark and scary. In fact it's always dark when I'm projecting. Can it ever be day light?

We walked down the stairs and we go outside. It's definitely a different neighborhood out here and I don't think I've been here before. As soon as we step outside I start to float uncontrollably. Luckily Hugo is so grounded, and my leash attached to him is what's keeping me from floating away completely. It eventually subsides and I can walk again.

I eagerly look around for somebody to chat to. I See a man with lots of tattoos sitting in a meditative pose smiling at me. I approach him because he looks friendly and I ask him: are you projecting? He says yes, and I say cool me too! I wonder why he's just sitting there not walking around exploring like me. Boring! :)

I remember I wanted to keep myself busy, so I tried flying next but that didn't really work. I felt myself fading quickly. I've been trying to keep myself busy each time I projected so to keep myself from fading. Each trip feels like it's only about 10 to 15 minutes, but in fact when I wake up it's been a couple of hours.

Questions: what exactly is astral projection? 
1. Is it just unaltered dream state that we have control over?
2. Or is that it's another realm that we visit during our sleep?

They seem much too surreal and controllable to be a dream. But then again, I find they also seem as if they can be forgotten as easily as dreams.

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