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Space Exploitation: Our sad humanity

Posted by hybrid33 , 21 April 2012 · 1,444 views

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Sorry, this post is going to be a bit weird. I've been slowly waking up, and I'm trying to reconcile and re-assess almost every aspect of my life (and life). Phew, it's so exhausting. I wonder if I'm going nuts!   :w00t:

Everything just seems wrong. Everything seems really, really wrong. Our world is so messed up. It's doing my head in, because nobody else seems to notice, or care. I'm sitting in my apartment, barely able to control my thoughts. I question every bit of news. Who is writing this piece of news, and what are their motives? Then there are other bits of news that us zombies don't even question the ethics of, because it's become our nature:

Today Google and Cameron Harold, the Director of Avatar announced a new venture of "space exploration". I would say it's more appropriately called "space exploitation". They want to boldly go where no man has gone before - and for what? So they can take what's not theirs, and more pathetically - take what we don't even need: resources.

Our world has more than enough resources to sustain itself and yet we keep taking and taking, just as the USA takes oil from our neighbours, when we have our own - when we don't even need oil in the first place. Our world has come so far in technology where the entire world's population can flourish with the resources that we have, driven by the technology that we have already developed, but our problem is that it's controlled by the wrong people. Hence, the need for more via space exploitation.

If another type of Being saw how we lived, and why we're going into space - they would see how immature we are. One day the people of our world will change for the better, I believe in us. Generations from now, we'll look back at ourselves and realise how immature we were. It's so sad.


Apr 28 2012 06:23 PM
I agree with what you're saying.  Combine an agressive predator with intelligence and you get a messed-up world with the most agressive individuals in charge, and the rest complacent followers.

It's up to each individual to change their own consciousness and to spread the word, so to speak. Those in power will remain intractable until enough individuals rally together.

But then, those in power retreat just enough to create the apparance of change, then go on with business as usual.

I think when we create an aware, positive world around ourselves, this is a signifigant achievement in itself. Maybe this is all we can do, but in a messed-up world, it's a significant accomplishment.
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What StarMountainKid said. Change starts from our own thoughts and through that, our own actions. I suppose permaculture and solar panels are becoming more and more familiar these days... the technology and knowhow we have is enough, it has not just spread widely enough, especially the knowhow and the doing of it.

Once I have saved enough I'll start my own farm, been saying that for some time but saving money isn't as easy feat as it sounds.. sigh.

What you can do even if you don't have enough money for a farm, is not buy absolutely more food than what you can eat... food wasting fuels bad businesses and hastens the point where oil prices are so high there'll be either strikes or serious changes in society. Because when oil prices are so high that tractors in your field stop, food gets more expensive, and oil prices wont drop anytime soon, as biofuel won't be enough of an answer if all of us go to work by car or bus or something, and do a job which consumes oil.
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