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Finally: Astral Projection

Posted by hybrid33 , 08 December 2012 · 1,289 views

astral projection lucid dreaming astral travel
I only recently learned that when I wake up in my dream and actually realise I'm dreaming and start to control it, that's Lucid Dreaming. (I think?)

But when I start manifesting that same power that I do in my lucid dreaming state to control my actions and such and start willing myself and project myself to other locations, then that is Astral Projection! (Correct?)

So last night, I finally learned how to project myself to other places. And of course I picked somewhere ambitious. Egypt! This is where things go strange. I know it wasn't a Lucid Dream because I could project myself to another location - so when I chose to project myself into Egypt, it worked. However the year was in the future - 2016. The scary thing was that the pyramids were destroyed. Most of the tops were missing and the remains were crumbled, was but obvious enough to see that it was the pyramids.

Next I somehow decided to project myself into the past just to see and I shot way back to 1959 and the pyramids were there.

How I chose those two dates and how I was aware I was in those two dates, I have no idea. I'm open to hear any thoughts.

Professor T
Dec 08 2012 11:50 PM

I don't know if it's related, but in dreams I always know what country I'm in, even though there is no real indication about it in the dream.. It's a "knowing".. not an indication, not some kind of signposted fact..

Also, not sure why, but the destroyed pyamids is significant. I've seen something similar clairvoyantly through meditation, and thought it was related to currency.. But on another level it had to do with a merging of mind, body, spirit...

You said most of the pyramids were damaged... was it the middle one that was still intact?
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Wow fascinating... About the pyramids, I want to say the tops of them were destroyed and crumbling, but the devastation did seem to be more on the smaller ones. Any idea of a date you might have seen them clairvoyantly?

I've never experienced being in another country in an altered state, except last week, I was on "Earth No. 96" I believe it was called. I need to check my records. I've alway only travelled around home so was never a question. : )
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Professor T
Dec 10 2012 06:21 PM
Have no idea about the date. But what I saw was the outer two shrinking while the middle one was betting bigger, think it was a merging/absorbsion..

As far as place went, I think what I was seeing was something 5th dimensional, but can't be to sure.. I've not AP'd yet, so I cant really relate to the rest..
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