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Posted by Jaguarpurrr , 01 May 2012 · 864 views

Sunday night I found a fledgling blue jay it was so precious.  I brought it inside and put it in a cat carry case that I have.  We have cats that roam the neighborhood and did not want it to become food for one of them.  The next mornng  I took it to the birding center and they told me to putit back out on a bush by where I found it, that Mom & Dad would come for it.  I put it out there and went to work.  I came home 3 hrs later to check on him and he was gone.  Mother Nature taking care of her children.

My point is I guess, it does a person good to help out... even in the smallest capacity... it gives you a sense of being a part of the whole.  

If you should wish to share any feelgood stories ...feel free.  It is great to read about good deeds.  There is to much bad that goes on that we hear about.  That is not living a positive life  and I feel that is what we all need to do.

Peace Love & Harmony to all

May 04 2012 12:47 AM
Nice entry.

Years ago as I stepped out of my front door, I saw a poor cat making its way by my house. It was so skinny and weak and generally nappy looking it could hardly walk. I brought it in the house and we were loving companions for eleven years.

You're right. Small deeds can make big differences. Anything one can do to make someone smile, even for a moment, is important, in my view.
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