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Posted by Mikko-kun , 29 April 2012 · 1,103 views

I guess the most natural part to start with is, why did I first get interested in astrology, what made me start studying it. Why indeed, when I knew I couldn't just read a person's persona from sun horoscope. You may be able to guess what one's sun scope is (at least if you practise), it's something everyone can do. The issue is not about reading what kind of a person under the leo or scorpio sign is and looking those characteristics, but understanding the nature of those kind of people and looking for that nature.

How to check your horoscope is really simple: just check the planets' position from a birth chart. For accurate results you need the minute or at least hour of your birth and coordinates. Once you have them, use some free chart generator and you have your starmap, also called birch or natal chart. From this you see the how the positions looked like from your birthplace in your birthtime. From those positions we try to interpret personal characteristics, or colors. The planets, including sun (it's a planet in astrology, star in astronomy, different subjects!) tell us the "what", because everyone is believed to have the same "what" in them, like the core of their selves that is attached to everything (sun), needs (moon), desires (venus), action (mars), positive and expansive side of self (jupiter) and the side that deals with all kinds of limits and limitations (saturn). Those are the "what", and the zodiac signs (gemini, cancer, leo, virgo...) are the "how". Virgo is often considered to be a perfectionist, scorpio a brooding and mysterious, aries a sportsman and vital bullheaded person, and gemini an airhead always thinking everything. Those are just caricatyres, and because no one has every planet in the same sign, you won't find a full gemini nor full scorpio anywhere.

Astrology is a vast, vast science that exceeds it's own limits. It's not just a language to interpret the universal color of everything, even though that's it's most popular use, and the target is usually another human being. It's subjective in a sense, that words I write here will not cause exactly the same reaction for everyone that read them, as where 1 + 1 = 2 either causes or doesn't cause the desired reaction. There may be a desired reaction out there, or something like it, but finding it is not the point, but looking for it is. If you skip the "understanding" part in astrology and just look at the words someone has written, not your personal experiences, you'll always be a step behind. You need to use your senses: imagination, intuition, emotions, sensation (5 senses and how you sense with them), logic. Those are the four basic elements of how, but there is at least the fifth element, one that holds that part of us and our body together. And those may not be static, moveless things but part of the universal flow... if you can call it that.
In addition to those four elements there is another way to separate one's psyche: modes. Cardinal (one that starts the movement), fixed (the space between movements, intensity), and mutable (the movements). Notice I use "movements" not "movement". That and the four elements are separate dividing systems, both telling us "how". I find it more difficult to divide things into three than to four, because in elements you have the opposites but in those three...

So, that's basically astrology. You can invent your own systems and find your own keypoints from which you read the nature of things. Stars are pretty handy since they're in the sky and everyone can spot them. I've found it a nice way to search my own psyche, even if it's tools are developed to telling the "how" of your four sixth senses (or so I call them, the four elements), you can still use those tools for something else, like trying to read what happens between those senses or how you move from one sense to another. And it might be one science there's room for everyone to be a frontier scientist, since it asks life experience or understanding of life from the scientist.

Heh, forgot to mention that this wasn't about introducing myself, but an introduction to astrology... should be obvious since it's under the astrology blog.


There's a section "everything about astrology" on the top left, a very good place. I've browsed a dozen or two astrology pages and that's the one that makes most sense.
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