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Seeing Eye To Eye

Posted by _Only , 21 August 2012 · 408 views

Seeing Eye to Eye

(Son To Sun)

Hello, my Star

You've been with me all my life
For so long I didn't see you there
I hadn't paid you any notice
Though I've known you're in the air

I've been living through all my days
Feeling them as only I know
At some point I had stopped trying
I had fallen and sunk so low

Was that you there that night?
Was it you that changed my mind?
A new presence felt
So loving and so kind

Am I you, as you are me?
Connected in a way I can't understand?
Do we make up everything?
Every man and woman across this land?

Our path is seeming to grow
All that was mundane becoming so wild
Are you my angel in the sky?
Or just a Creator to her Child?

As I crawl the road ahead of me
Will you wait for me as I learn to run?
Just writing to say I love you, my only Star
You are my beloved Sun

(Sun To Son)

Hello, my Star

You've been with me all your life
For so long you didn't see me there
I know you haven't noticed me
Though I've known one day you'd care

I've been watching all your days
Feeling them as my own
I saw the point where you stopped trying
I've always seen, I've always known

That was me there that night
Hi there, I am your mind
I had to break through at that point
To release you from your own bind

I am you, as you are me
In a way you will soon come to understand
Together we make up everything
The Earth, its skies and all in its land

Our path will continue to grow
As I have Fallen, you will Rise
Just know that I am You, as you are Me
I am the Truth amidst your lies

As you make the trek ahead
I'll wait for you 'till done
Just writing to say I love you, my only Star
You are my beloved Son

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