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Inner Voice

Posted by _Only , 13 March 2013 · 430 views

Did you forget your name?

You are a shadow, shadow, leader of the shadow people.


It's in your head and you don't see it.

Enter and come talk to me now, or die.



We're working toward a goal. Unity. We have a benefactor. Malady.

I'm giving you a right to move on.

Tread lightly, for ours is the way of the Serpent.

*This poem was created entirely through short phrases I heard in my mind from my own inner voice, but not of my own conscious will, either coming out of sleep, or from a meditative state. The lines are each of these phrases, listed in the order they were received, over almost a year. The last line was said tonight (I admit to having to look up the definition of a few words to know what they actually meant, despite hearing them said in my mind).*

Interesting. It's disjointed for sure. You will know if it was the voice of your own shadow or the shadows from the lower plane. It's easy to tell the difference when other consciousnesses are involved.

"Enter and come talk to me now, or die"??? Ha Ha Ha! Alright I will enter, but don't blame me if I turn that ground into a blood-soaked mosh pit.
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