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Posted by willowdreams , in Personal blog 13 October 2012 · 626 views

feel, tired, three weeks of having an insane schedule.

I also discovered somethign I hate.. if my schedule says today i work from 11:30 am till 10 pm, my job at 10 pm can change tomorrows schedule for me. and if i am tardy because they changed it right as i was logging in, i will get a point or half point for being tardy.

So now everyone clocks out, and then waits a min and goes to see if there is a schedule change for the next day.

I was worried today, because if there is a schedule change, i got off at 10, and i could have been schedule to have to be back in work at 8am, thankfully.. no schedule change *whew*

work is not a happy place though, it never has been uppity up up happy, but here lately it has been down right unhappy.. pple upset, bickering.. 10hours of being on phone being yelled at because the company made so many changes.. and imped them during the times that we are the busiest.. and they wont even put on their website'  'this browser is not compatible on our site'

nooo we get customers calling who has been trying till they are frustrated..calling us and then when we tell them that safari is not compatible.. they are like 'why didnt you all put that on your site so we could get a browser that is?

we all have asked for this to be done, but it is not being done, and will not be done.

after hours of being scolded to down and out yelled at, i guess it is natural we get bitter and snap at one another since we have to 'smile' and take it while on the phone.

I used to love my job so much, we had bad days, but the good outweighed the bad, the upper management used to at least 'pretend' to care.. now if you did a poll, i would say if people are honest, about 90% would admit that they now understand that they really are nothing more then a number to the company.. we always knew we were nothing but a 'number', but until the last few years, we did not actually FEEL it.

i just want to make it three more years, then maybe make a job change.. just three more years..

i just want to be able to have a job where when i get to work, i do not feel such an 'oppressive' atmosphere at work, and where people smiled more.. i actually do try.

I will walk by a desk on the way to lunch or break and say 'smile! we are here!" or 'smile.. and everyone will wonder what you are up to'

sometimes it works, but not often.

heh, i even have walked by the supervisors desks and said 'smile people.. I AM HERE!'

sometimes i get a smile and a chuckle, but it doesnt seem to last long

and i am finding that being one of the few who do smile a lot.. but alone.. makes me sadder.

Oct 13 2012 08:24 AM
There's always the option of quitting. What their doing is illegal and you should go to the board of labor and notify them.
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