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The New Arrival

Posted by Ealdwita , 18 May 2012 · 743 views

We had some heavy rain last night, the track leading up to the paddock is a mass of puddles, and water still drips from the long fronds of white willow that grows on either side of it. 7am – much earlier than I usually greet the day, but this morning is special. We are expecting a new arrival! The sun is just beginning to disperse the ground mist and the distant beech wood is coming into view. Both dogs are tearing around the stable yard, exploring all the exciting scents left by the night – fox, rabbit, perhaps the odd stoat or badger. A stable-girl hands round mugs of tea (I get through gallons of the stuff before midday!) It seems the whole family has gathered for the event.

Away in the distance there comes the grinding of Brian Daly’s long-suffering gearbox – (He drives like I dance Swan Lake!) Sure enough, before long, his ancient Landrover splashes into sight towing an enormous horsebox behind it. Brian pulls up in the paddock, climbs out of the cab, pushes his cap to the back of his head and says, “Best o’ luck wiv this one, Guv’nor!”

Young Jerry the stable-lad, unlatches the horsebox back and lowers it down to form a ramp. There’s a whinny, a clatter of hooves and the box lurches alarmingly. We all hesitate. Brian looks at me as if to say, “It’s your hoss, Guv’nor – you get ‘im out!” I inch gingerly towards the ramp only to be overtaken by the stable-girl who goes straight into the Stygian gloom without a moment’s hesitation! Seconds later, back she comes with the most beautiful creature I’ve seen in a long time! A Thoroughbred x Irish Draught – a true warmblood Irish Hunter!  17 hands of Blood Bay coat, actually shimmering in the now-bright sun! That is one big horse! He has a gentle eye though, and watches me warily. It’s not long before we become firm friends however – Horse Whisperers – eat yer hearts out – a pocketful of Polo Mints saves all that mystic mucking about! I run my hand down his neck and feel the muscles twitch slightly, Heaven! He nudges the stable-girl and she responds by rubbing his muzzle, soft as velvet, that is.

Right, time for His Majesty’s breakfast! He moves easily into his stall without the slightest hesitation, a magnificent animal, fully aware of his own power and beauty and with no need to ‘prove’ anything to anybody! I can see my daughter’s fingers curling with longing to get a saddle and bridle on him, but she’ll have to wait a while until he settles in. Maybe tomorrow.

I saw a sign once that read “If God has created a creature more beautiful than a horse, He’s kept it for Himself!”  I proved that statement this morning.


As my heart hammers in my chest...

I can feel his rippling muscles, velvety nose and smell the sweet smell of fresh hay and manure.. How I miss my elegant steed and wish I still lived on the estate.

You are an eloquent writer, my friend.
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Happy for you, sounds like a truly lovely animal.

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Thank you both. He's roaming the Home Farm field at the moment so I can keep an eye on him. All OK so far.
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Lovely : )
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