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Thoughts on Lucid dreaming, Obes, Sleep Paralysis and Meditation

Posted by Ever Learning , 03 June 2012 · 2,562 views

lucid dreaming astralprojection astral projection obe sleep paralysis
Not sure if there is much difference between lucid dreaming and obe's ( astral projection). What i can do in a lucid dream differs each time depending on my depth of imagination and the rules that i believe are in place. If im lucid dreaming and i think im astral projecting, I believe im restrained by a different set of rules and therefore have an experience different to lucid dreaming.
I don’t have a set opinion for obe’s at death as I havent experienced one lol ( touch wood).

Sleep paralysis is another thing im unsure about. Is it possible that some people are not half awake and dreaming but are just experiencing a nightmare that a majority of people experience? Surely just hearing a story about sleep paralysis is enough to increase you chances of having it, even if you feared the story or not the memory of it has just been locked away in your subconsious mind. Feeling secure in your bed is something every one needs when falling asleep, most people have there bed set up with there head futherest from the door. ( it would seem weird to sleep any other way than this, except when I top and tailed as a kid)

Even if you don’t have a fear for your safety when sleeping now, it doesn’t mean you were as rational as a kid. Dreams are somewhat random and call up memories from past and present with no rhyme or reason, so people might be having nightmares due to past fears. In the nightmare the first thing you experience is not being able to move, making you feel vunerable and then your next conscious/sub conscious thought is I hope nothing bad will happen in this vunerable state.

Some one who is afflicted with sleep paralysis doesn’t have to look online long to read that from it you can astral project. When learning to lucid dream, some people teach you to start a dream diary so that you can recognize your dream signs, there fore when some one says that sleep paralysis means you can astral project, sleep paralysis might of become a dream sign. Your told that you can leave your physical body when in sleep paralysis and as you have this belief, your freed from the shackles of the past rules of your mind.  

I think that meditation is very good for relaxation and healthy for the nervous system and body  but im not sure if any futher experiences in a hypnagogic state differ from lucid dreaming. When reading or hearing about other peoples spiritual experiences your building up beliefs about what should happen to you in the spiritual state, that you want to achieve. There fore when you achieve your hypnagogic state in which anything can happen, your equipped with your own beliefs of what you expect to happen and the teachings of of others.there fore you experience your own definition of a spiritual experience while having enough in common with others, due to reading the same spiritual teachings of experiences that you can relate to each other.

Im of two opinions for meditation and moving chi through out the body. My first is that as your nerves carry messages to your brain as their primary purpose, and they can be given a secondry purpose by concentrating on certain parts of the body or by moving your chi energy through out your body from place to place. My second is that when you lose a limb, some people experience phantom limb, but I think your brain can also allow you to gain a limb if you convince your self enough that you have one. Although in this case you give your whole body an extra purpose so that it can feel chi moving through out it.

I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on my blog, if any offence has been caused it was not intended. I don’t know if my ideas have truth to them or not, Im just thinking of possible truths of my current understandings.

P.S Please be kind lol, its my first ever blog

I've not done much reading on sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, astral projection and the like, but from was written in the instructions for astral projectors here, your idea of the connection between sleep paralysis and astral projection makes sense. I remember Seeker mentioning in one of the threads related to this, that the spirit world or at least what comes after it, is much colored by your beliefs and pre-conceptions about that world. What Edgar Cayce (the famous psychic) says about this supports this in my opinion, he says that those who can see beyond their own selfishness, those who can override or discard or something like that, their selfishness, can see that world more clearly. With selfishness he ment those pre-conceptions people have about the spirit world and such. I see it, the process of becoming able to sense that world, as a leap of courage to look beyond or/and let go of things that give you "hallucinations" in that world/dimension. What Seeker said supports this, he's done astral projection too (I haven't so I rely on other people here until it's my time, if time comes). We talked about it here:

http://www.unexplain...topic=227812= (you might have to copypaste the link to include the "=")

Very good blog, I hope you write more. you opened me a connection I wasn't aware of, mate. It might be pointless for me to ask this (for more than one reason, and this is no offense nor belittling ment towards you, on the contrary), but how easy it was for you to open that connection to the dream/spirit realm, or whichever it is?
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Ever Learning
Jun 04 2012 10:32 AM
Thank you for reading and being the first to comment.
i will try read some Edgar Cayce as you said he had some interesting views.
My first lucid dream wasn't induced by myself but i realized i was dreaming when i questioned the logic of a dream. I consider my self a christian and part of being a christian is pursuing not being a slave to the world and the physical body, in doing so this mentality is with me when dreaming, so its easier for me to question reality when dreaming. ive found that other spiritual non Christians, artists and generally any one who evaluates their surroundings have increased chances of lucid dreaming.
There are Tibetan monks who use lucid dreaming for attaining pure consciousness, they also say that if you question reality, you will realize your dreaming. The book i read about this is called ' The Tibetan Yoga of Dream and Sleep by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
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Thanks! I'm doing a bit of a research about the links of astrology and psychic abilities (or abilities more ordinary people think as psychic), and what you say helps a lot indeed, gave me a good point of view to this. Thanks!
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Ever Learning
Jun 04 2012 07:00 PM
Sounds really interesting, message me some time about it.
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Hi, This subjects always grab my attention i find them really fascinating. I've had OBEs more than 3 times already i cant still understand how it happens and why, all i can say is that its a great experience that has me begging for more, i want to dig deeper and and go higher as i explore beyond my dreams.

My first experience happened in my room, i laid in bed next to my friend who was also trying to take a nap because we were really tired from work, i always like to sleep closer to the wall i find myself more secure i dont know why, anyways i remember everything as if it just happened. I remember closing my eyes and for some reason i was trying to clear m mind and trying to focus on something thats when i stared feeling a vibration emanating from head and spreading all over my body, i remember i wasnt asleep yet as i was wondering why i was feeling like that, i was kind of afraid but something was telling me that it was nothing bad. Through the whole process i had my eyes closed my body was still vibrating and then i saw a white light, sort of like going thru a tunnel, it happened so fast but when i was thru i could see my room again as if i had just woken up. but something felt different i knew when i went to bed the room was a little bit dark, but now it was sort of brighter, and i knew i wasn't laying in bed anymore. I was so curious to know what was happening that i didn't realized i was floating in mid air, i excited for a minute, then the first thing that came to my head was to reach for the door, i tried to get closer something in the back of my head was telling me that that was no dream, and i stated wondering how all that was possible. That's when i looked back and saw my friend and my self laying in bed, i got scared and that's when i saw my body reacted and grabbed me back inside and at that very moment i opened my eyes and everything was normal again. I couldn't believe what had just happened so o woke my friend and told him everything, he believed me and said that only i knew the difference between a dream and reality.
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