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Spirit Writer

Posted by SpiritWriter , 28 June 2012 · 796 views

I cannot start from the beginning as it is impossible. I will only have to weave you in, and it is complicated. If I tell you the juicy parts first you may run away. All things seem ridiculous until you understand them. And some things just wear on you because you like them. My name is __________ and I am a transcriber of demons. Not the bad kind. I just said it that way to scare you. I am possessed by something... there is that better? Anyhow, one day my hand picked itself up and started writing. It just started scribbling and scratching and I thought something was wrong with me. And I just kept on writing.
A long time ago, when I first got saved and was praying all the time, God spoke to me clearly and told me I would be a writer. I did not believe him and denied what he said. At the church I was at, at the time the pastor asked me what ministry I wanted to be in and I said I wanted to do writing. He told me there is no such ministry as that. I knew that was inaccurate but I just shook my head and taught children’s church in the back room and helped clean up all the time. That is neither here nor there but since that time I rejected the idea of writing.
It has only been in the last 2 or 3 years I have become obsessed with writing. It is to the point where I believe I am developing schizophrenic tendencies. I have books and books and books full of crazy sounding crap that I have written. There is something inside of me trying to come out.
I always come back to the myth because something about it’s story haunts me. I just know I have to write this stuff down. I have been reminded of it many times and often. There have been periods in my life that it had all made sense and now I got doctors calling me crazy. Never again will I reveal my secrets or pretend that all of this is not some sort of sick game made for our family by the creator. Both of my children were written down in a book that was handed down the maternal line for many generations. I don’t know if there are any other families out there in this situation, I have only heard of one other and that was a very long time ago. But to have a book like this in your possession is extremely scary, especially coming up as a child. Who we were was a secret. My mother could have kept it to herself and not bothered us with it but of course, she was not a normal mother at all. I do not want to talk about her now. My daughters. They were the predicted destiny, they are the promised star. To understand this you will need to know the myth, and most of that has already been written. We are still writing. We will continue to write.


Ever Learning
Jun 28 2012 01:27 PM
i am intrigued about these books you have wrote and would like to understand the myths of your family. blogg more or send me something to wet my literary appetite.
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