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Cataclysm, Part II

Posted by Supersquatch , in Other 15 April 2013 · 656 views

short stories cataclysm
Cataclysm, Part II North Korea has started a new world war. Kim Jong-un has developed nuclear bombs through a pact with Iran, and successfully bombed New York City. Tyler, one of the survivors, is affected, as his mom and brother both died from the bombings. After hearing the President's declaration of war, several countries bombed North Korea, and North Korea bombed several countries. Tyler looks for any sign of human life and finds Cody. Cody and him stop by an electronics store and see England get bombed on the television. Now Cody and Tyler are wondering if they are the last people on Earth. Part I here.

"What now?" Cody said.

"Well," I said, "my throat is sore. I guess we should try to find water… and food."

As Cody and me walked around some more, we found a Walmart. We looted it and went back to his house, which wasn't entirely destroyed in the bombings.

"Okay; so we have some potato chips, bread, peanut butter, eggs, cookies, milk, and, of course, water," I said.

"That’s great."

Just then, we heard a knock at the door.

"Oh, God! We’re not alone!" I screamed.

I hurried to the door and opened it, not prepared for the image I saw next. There was a man, hunched over, bloody and sick. He wasn't talking. He was only groaning. We didn't know what was wrong with him. We only guessed that he was a victim of the nuclear bomb. Behind him, we saw many men and women, hunched over, ugly and sick. They were like zombies, but they weren't killing anybody. But, little did I know then, they were infectious.

After locking our doors so none of the "zombies" could bother us, Cody noticed a small wound on his arm.

"What the heck is this?" he said.

"It looks so weird… Holy crap! It’s growing!" Indeed, the wound did look like it was getting bigger and bigger, and it was.

Not even an hour later, my friend had died. The wound was radiation that the "zombies" outside had given him. All they had to do was touch somebody for them to die. The radiation was as contagious as the common cold. And although they weren't real zombies hunting me down and trying to kill me, I wondered, what if a zombie touched me… and killed me? But then I asked myself if it mattered anymore, as it was the end of the world already and there probably were no people left on Earth that the radiation didn't affect. What was the point?

Just then, I heard something outside. As I listened, it got louder... and louder. Then I knew what it was. A helicopter was landing in the street! There were still people out there in the world!

I ran outside and saw what looked like military men. They told me that they were "evacuating survivors of the nuclear attacks on North America, Australia, Western Europe, the Middle-East and Asia." They told me that they believed the world population was now down to five billion. Almost a third of everybody on the Earth had died. They also told me that they belonged to the Brazilian, Argentine and Chilean militaries and they were here to treat the "zombies" and rescue uninfected survivors, like me.

I had to go to South America for a while. And it was beautiful there, but I couldn't get over the loss of my family. The United States government was eventually reestablished, and I went back to America. The U.S. population is close to fifty million now and the world population is now about the same as it was in 2010, all by the year 2063. International policy was changed forever after North Korea wiped out half of the world. A new organization, called the Confederate Governments, similar to the United Nations, was formed. Like the United Nations, it governed countries, but now, it had a larger military. Every country in the world became a member of the CG, and thus, the CG usually made the laws that governed the entire globe. The CG would handle international threats more seriously and would act upon them. With this, a more secure Earth was maintained, so that another world war would never happen again.

Apr 15 2013 06:44 PM
Nice story. It's good to see others starting to post fiction here in the blogs besides me. Is there going to be a Part 3?
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Apr 15 2013 10:40 PM

StarMountainKid, on 15 April 2013 - 06:44 PM, said:

Nice story. It's good to see others starting to post fiction here in the blogs besides me.

Thank you. :wub:

StarMountainKid, on 15 April 2013 - 06:44 PM, said:

Is there going to be a Part 3?

I don't think so. I can't think of really anything else. But I might extend the story.
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