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Self-hypnosis progress

Posted by Mnemonix , 31 August 2012 · 514 views

So, I've listened to my hypnotic script, and I fell asleep for 3 hours after that. I woke up in the same position that I consciously put myself in. I think that I am making progress, and that practicing this regularly will bring greater improvement. The fact that I fell asleep makes me happy.

Towards the end of the hypnotic script, I could feel my mind drifting. I must have fallen asleep some time after the recording ended.

I moved a few times during the session, and I'm thinking that if I keep still it would be more effective the next time.

The recording consists of a hypnotic script to relax the body one part at a time, then proceeding to the script to induce sleep. I'll be looking for ways to make this more effective.

I have a feeling that I'll see more results after regular practice.

As always, advice and suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

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