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It's the Little Acts of Evil That Wear Me Down--Revised

Posted by lizzieboo , 05 September 2012 · 561 views

lack of compassion lack of empathy taking advantage of others unethical business tactics
I believe in the existence of evil. Not as a distinct entity (not, for example, in the form of a being with red skin, horns, and a pointy tail), but rather as a manifestation of all that is worst in the human species.

I've always had a fascination with crime stories; even as a teenager I read about cases such as Jack the Ripper, the Fatty Arbuckle trial, the murder of Stanford White, even the Manson case (I had a vested interest in that because I happened to live fairly close to both Sharon Tate's home and the Manson ranch during the time the crimes took place). I've read scores of mysteries and have followed other true crime cases over the years.

What I've come to see over the years, however, is that it is very often the small acts of evil--situations in which people act in their own interest despite knowing it will harm someone else, for example--that are the true cause of what I see as society's growing acceptance of evil behavior.

Take, for example, the real estate agent who is handling the sale of the house my husband and I are renting. At no time in the past was she ever involved in our relationship with the landlord. She got involved recently due to some clerical changes in the way the property will be managed, and used the change to begin pressuring us to make an offer on the property. She started out by saying that "several" other people were interested in it; when I observed that no one has asked to tour the property since we've lived here, she escalated her assault by claiming that the young couple who live in the other house on the property "wanted to make an offer" on it because they "planned to open their own business and wanted to evict" us so that they can rent this house out to their employees. (Our lease does contain a termination clause if the house is sold, but again, no one has expressed any interest in the house--not even the couple that the realtor claimed were ready to make an offer.)

A short list of this woman's unethical behaviors: She attempted to use coercion to force us to make an offer on the house. She lied about potential buyers and issued veiled threats about our potential eviction. During the same conversation, she also tried to change the terms of the lease to collect more money for the sewer bill as well as trying to get us to "reimburse" the landlord for payments he had made on the electric bill. (We asked him repeatedly to either have the electric put into our name OR send us the bills so that we could send him the money to pay them, but he never gave us any bills.) So she wanted us to just hand over additional funds based not on copies of electric bills, but on her say-so. (This is especially ludicrous when you consider that even SHE had never seen the bills in question; she was just pulling figures out of the air.)

If we were the only ones she had attempted to bully, I wouldn't call her conduct evil. However, I have spoken with at least a dozen residents of our town and every one of them had a story to tell about how she had used unethical means to cheat either them, someone they knew, or both out of property. She has bullied, lied to, coerced, and cheated people of all ages, races, and income levels, including elderly people, disabled people, and single parents with small children. She is perhaps the single most hated woman in the small county in which I live.

Every time I encounter a person like this, I feel like I need to shower with bleach and burn my clothes.

I want to be open and loving. I want to be good and kind. But people like this real estate agent push me to the brink.

I know these people.  Funnily enough my landlord is one of them.  Sweetness and light at first and then, even though I paid my rent on time even when I was jobless, suddenly tells me I have too many pets and she didn't know how many I had.  Then I reminded her that she wrote all their names down on the lease and she had no come back to that.  Evil does come in small doses.
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hmm.. i feel a bit weird about posting stuff in other peoples blogs.. it's like.. first of all you've read their diary, now you're gonna write something in it? whoah... hehe

but you're both right... and this is a really serious problem these days (psychopaths) and combating them in the normal way is useless because that's what they thrive on anyway..

you never want to wave a red flag at a bull, but sure, you can mess with its head a little..

compliment her dress
invite her over for dinner
when she leaves, tell her to 'drive safely'
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